Election 2016 Campaigning

The past 3 months I've been campaigning a bit for some of the state and national candidates. Almost everyone I met said they were registered to vote (at their current address) or were not US citizens. I had some interesting conversations with professors, students and employees from other countries(Jordan, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, India,Guatemala and a few others.) Tuesday evenings I have been calling Sierra Club members around the state, encouraging them to vote for the endorsed candidates and volunteer. Most people who are home are older, have health issues or are already volunteering with other groups.  I've driven out several times to Halifax and Northampton County where I used to live and work. There are very few yard signs and most are for the Republicans even though this area votes heavily democratic. I brought some yard signs for the early voting sites in Northampton and put them up. I was unable to contact anyone coordinating activities there. As of Monday 650 people had voted in Northampton County and the volunteers passing out sample ballots said they had been asked by the state Raleigh office to help. While visiting family in Ohio I stopped by the Democratic headquarters for Seneca and Wayne County. Besides giving a small donation I put helped put up more signs. In these rural areas there are many more Trump/Portland rather than Clinton/Strickland signs. (Most of my Ohio high school friends are very anti Hillary. I waste some time each week on facebook trying to counter their pro Trump propaganda.) Back in NC I noticed there has not been much political advertising in the Spanish language media.  I paid out of pocket for 3 ads (October and November) in La Noticia which reaches thousands of Spanish speakers and Latino voters in the region. Hopefully it will do some good. Also I've managed to go hear Clinton and Obama in NC and go to a few local candidate fundraiser events. Any one else want to share their adventures?



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