2017 OP Candidate Coming Out Party


Friday, July 21, 2017 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm


Tyler's Taproom & Speakeasy front room (102 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510)

Join us for OP's annual Candidate Coming Out Party to meet your candidates on the final day of filing for the following boards:

  • Carrboro Board of Alderpersons and mayor
  • Chapel Hill Town Council and mayor
  • Hillsborough Town Board and mayor
  • Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education

Join us as we kick off the start of election season by meeting and engaging with constituents, journalists, and candidates. We will take a few minutes during the party to acknowledge the candidates in attendance.

This is a great way to find out who is running and ask them why. 

RSVP on Facebook.


Hi OP Editors,

I have a website: MariaPalmer4TownCouncil.com, could you please add it to the spreadsheet? I have also posted the reasons I am running on my OP blog. Is it possible to put a link to that page? 

thanks, maria

Hi, Maria. We have added your website to the candidate spreadsheet. Thanks for posting your candidate statement! We look forward to seeing you at the coming out party on July 21st.

Thanks, OP, for hosting the 2017 OP Candidate Coming Out Party!


In follow-up to last Friday’s 2017 Orange Politics’ Candidate Coming-Out Party,I wanted to express my appreciation for the commitment and effort the OP Editors and staff  made to make last Friday's event a success.
The event, by my guestimate, was well attended (+100) and allowed the opportunity for the community to meet with the 2017 candidates in a non-partisan format.

One item to underscore from the  event was Damon Seils' reminder to the attendees to make the effort to "...contribute what you can -even if it's $5 dollars.)

The effort to host and maintain orangepolitics.org comes at a cost-and I haven't yet begun to speak to the number of volunteer hours required to keep the site [reasonably] secure and available to its commentators and readers. 

Remember, there's no site advertisement. No subscription fee(s). No barriers to creating an OP account. 

It is my opinion that orangepolitics.org does a very good job in keeping the site running and making it accessible to both commenters and readers alike. 

In some circumstances, orangepolitics.org is the first source of news that traditional media may pick-up later.



i am now officially making my first endorsements for a town council candidate  until i might be someone s camapaign manager CARL SCHULER AND RACHEL SCHAEVITZ. FROM GARY KAHN

With all the talk about getting rid of all confederate monuments in  the North as well as the South, history has shown us you can get rid of all monuments but the history and its ideas will always be here. Its just human nature. For example Sodom Hussain s statue was removed in Iraq but his ideas and methods  still remain. Just look at ISIS. Case in pont. Gary Kahn

There will be a candidates forum on Thur 8/31/17 at 9 30  am at the Franklin Hotel in Chapel Hill  hosted by the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership. I ll be there hope youll be there too, Gary Kahn


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