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Follow-Up to "Open Letter to Kevin Wolff"

While I have this semester break, I thought I'd take the time to follow-up on the last blog entry I wrote addressing mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff and his...allegations. I sent a copy of what I had written directly to the campaign of Kevin Wolff and was promptly told by him (or his staff) in so many words that "with age and understanding",  I would one day learn not to be judgmental and that if he becomes elected, he will implement a 2 year plan to get Chapel Hill's homeless of the streets by meeting with each and every individual to address their personal issues (in which he invited me to get involved). 

An Open Letter to Kevin Wolff, Candidate for Mayor of Chapel Hill

After reading an email about Kevin Wolff's "Warning to Chapel Hill Residents", I was inspired by the response from the men of the IFC shelter to write an open letter to Mr. Wolff regarding his allegations about the danger of moving the men's shelter near Homestead Park.

Mr. Wolff:


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