Chapel Hill's New Website Goes Live

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The Town of Chapel Hill's new website appears to have gone live today.  It sure is a snazzy new look, but I haven't found much yet in the way of new features.  The menu navigation seems to be more intuitive than the old website, and it seems to be much easier to use from a casual visitor's perspective.  But I'm still not having an easy time finding archived material without a help from my dear friend Google.  Have you had a chance to check it out?  What do you think?

According to the Chapel Hill eNews:

The Town Council goal of enhancing the website was established to better serve citizens through information and interaction options. The new website offers residents and visitors quick and easy access to government information and services. It will allow citizens to access to calendars, Council agendas and videos, e-mail directories, news releases, job postings and service information.  The new website will make locating services much more intuitive and user-friendly. The Town continues to offer online payment options, including bills for recreation programs.

The Town revamped its website with help from Vision Internet, a California-based company that specializes in municipal websites, having developed about 200 websites for non-profits and governments across the country. Staff from the Communications and Public Affairs Department also organized community meetings to receive input from local residents on how the Town could best change the site for improvement.

The website will include:
- Prominent links to services and departments
- Links to online recreation programs and activities
- Listings of upcoming meetings and special events
- Email news subscription services
- Content that conforms to ADA accessibility guidelines
- Interactive forms for requesting services
- Access to town social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Along with its new look, information and areas of the website may be under construction. The Town of Chapel Hill's web manager and web stewards team appreciates the public's patience in this matter. Web visitors are urged to contact the Town to offer feedback or report technical errors. Visit or contact the Communications and Public Affairs Department at (919) 968-2743 or



the urls aren't great, but at least they aren't like the hideous monstrosities over at raleigh e.g.

It is a very well designed website, with great menus. On the transit side, I really like the "common destination menu" site map is great too do think the background graphics are a bit much and most likely will leave the site slow loading to those on dial up. They need a link to a less graphic intense version. Maybe it is there, but I could not find a link, which needs to be on the front page.

at a cursory glance... what would be really cool is live streaming video of town council meetings & other town events that include live chats &/or some kind of blog feature. I'll have to take some time to see what the site can actually do sometime soon.

I have come up with several broken links using URLs that used to point to important pages, like for example.I haven't browsed the site recreationally yet, though.

...which can be very easily fixed by configuring redirects or a smart 404-handler.  Might they be receptive to a list of suggestions?

i don't think a government entity should use .org. Nonprofit agencies struggle as it is without govermnents claiming their turf


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