Announcing Orange Grapevine

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for residents of Orange County and interested persons in the adjoining counties, Alamance, Chatham and Eastern Durham

ORANGE GRAPEVINE ("the grapevine")

Announcing Orange Grapevine, a new general discussion forum for
residents of Orange County and interested persons in adjoining counties.

This mailing list, hosted by ibiblio and mirrored by a blog, group and
website provided by Google will offer people living in or near Orange
County a collection of resources they can use to discuss and exchange
resources on a wide variety of topics of interest to them. A short list
of those topics might include the following:

local news

local politics: campaigns, candidates and elected politicians, political

local government: local issues, Q&A, RFI, suggestions and
recommendations, news

announce, promote and recommend local businesses, yours or others
classifieds (sell, buy, donate, barter)

question & answer, requests for information, how-to information,

community building: small scale & neighborhood-oriented scaled to
city-wide integration of communities with resource sharing, promotion of
challenges, events and projects, environmental and foodshed issues,
recreation and networking on all levels

the local food movement, markets, restaurants, grocers, farmers markets, CSA's, local farmers and their market farms and gardens

anything to do with local agriculture, farming and gardening, the local
food movement and permaculture: events, practitioners, consultants,
designers, demo sites, information [authors, booksellers, libraries and
online resources], teachers, PDC's, other coursework, workshops,
conventions and seminars

promote farmers and their farms, gardens, farmers markets, farmstands,
direct sales, markets, grocers, CSA, coops, subscription & delivery,
beekeepers, orchardists, vineyards & wineries, bakeries, value-added &
processed foods of all sorts, livestock producers, grass-fed and
processed meat, mushroom farms, flowers, herbs and herbal preparations,
plant nurseries, seedlings, container stock

buying locally produced goods and promoting & patronizing local
businesses who source locally

arts, crafts and tradesmen ( Ex.: welder, blacksmith, carpenter,
woodworker, builder, stone mason and general mason, landscaper and
landscape or permaculture gardener)

local service providers, contractors, practitioners, consultants,
tradesmen, craftsmen

Here's how to access the list and its mirrors, the blog, group and website:

Main mailing list:

Orange Grapevine Mailing List Homepage
General Discussion Forum For Residents of Orange County, N.C.
Intertwining threads of activity in and around Orange County

The information on the list homepage explains in detail how to do nearly
everything you will encounter as a subscriber. Examples:
retrieve your password
change from individual to digest delivery of posts
subscribe and unsubscribe
change user name

The list sends out any new messages to all subscribers as soon as they
are posted (you can opt for digest or individual message mode) There are
message archives which are open for public viewing at:

Access for viewing, commenting on posts, RSS feeds and sharing are open
to the public for the following resources:

The Orange Grapevine list mirror and blog

The Orange Grapevine list mirror and Google Group (mailing list/web forum)

The Orange Grapevine list Google Site (website)

More features and resources will be added to the above sites
this week; co-authors/developers are welcome.
Anyone wishing to become an author or contributor in order to post to
the blog or group or create pages in the website (includes uploading
photos, audio, video and documents) will need 1) a Google account or
Gmail login ID and 2) be manually added to or invited to join the roster
of contributors - email me with your request for access or any questions
you might have about the forum at any of the following address:

The Orange Grapevine mailing list email contact addresses:

Lawrence London
Venaura Farm
Chapel Hill, N.C., 27516
919 360 6160




There's definitely a need for a Chatham Chatlist-type online community here in Orange County. I just subscribed.

Though I think you may mean western, rather than eastern, Durham.  Good to recognize that the political boundaries aren't always what matters. Linda Convissor

Lawrence London
Venaura Farm
Chapel Hill, N.C., 27516 Yes, Western Durham County.There are a lot of important things happening not only in Orange County butalso in Alamance, Chatham and W. Durham which can be shared by residents in all adjoining counties. New businesses and established ones seeking financial stability need to be promoted throughout this region.


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