First Chapel Hill 2020 Report Out Session: What to Expect

Tomorrow morning will mark the first report out session for the six theme groups in Chapel Hill 2020, the process to create the town's new Comprehensove Plan. These report out sessions are designed so that all the theme groups can get together to find areas of agreement and discuss agrees of disagreement. The theme groups have a good deal of overlap, so these large group meetings are necessary to ensure that the plan is cohesive while still being comprehensive.

First, the leadership team will be providing a summary of the process. They’ll give a little more explanation as to where we are and where we’re going in the near future, and they’ll highlight some of the resources available on the web and outreach efforts that are being conducted by the town.

Next will come the actual report out, led by facilitators from the school of government. The focus will be on trying to identify the “big rocks,” or those problems that have a larger impact on our town because they impact a large number of people, impact a small number of people in a large way, something that can be influenced, something that is highly visible and symbolic, etc. Each theme group will have one of their three co-chors serve as a spokesperson who will answer questions about their group’s discussion round-robin style. 

After the reports, the meeting will conclude will be some form of community discussion about the theme groups in general and how the theme groups will make decisions specifically. In many ways this meeting represents the “rubber hitting the road” for the first time in the process, so come out to Chapel Hill High School tomorrow morning from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.




Jeff, I can see you have interest in public participation - such as the Comp Plan we're working on right now. I'm wondering if you have ideas about how good public participation can be encouraged and supported not only in the creation of this new plan, but actually within the Comp Plan product itself. When I look at the themes and their reports thus far, I'm not sure I see where public participation has a home. I'd like to see public engagement, communications between town and citizens - maybe even a "Chapel Hill 101" education opportunity - as an item within one or more themes. Is it there somewhere? Mickey Jo Sorrell


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