I just learned that it costs $826 just to file to run for County Sherriff. Wow!


No basis in reality. Please don't tell our children how dysfunctional our government systems are.

Besides the fact that it is insanely high, why $826? What does this number represent?

Per NC General Statute §163-107, it is 1% of the annual salary for the office sought.

So an Orange County School Borad member only gets $500. That's not fair.

For some reason, some local races are less than the 1% filing fee. Town council's fee was $5 even though the annual salaray is around $13,000. In 2008 I was so upset with Dole, I was thinking of running for senate and the filing fee was over $2000. Loren 

Local filing fees are not set by state statute, but rather are set by the local governing boards themselves, I'm pretty sure.

That seems right. The Board of Aldermen set the fee for the Carrboro special election.

That's interesting, Gerry, I never knew about the signature option. Do you have any examples of this being done in recent history?

This has been very rarely used.  Currently Heather Grant (US Senate - R) has filed notice she is gathering signatures but has not turned any in. There is also a 7th congressional district candidate doing it. The State database only shows petition status for statewide/congressional/DA/jusicial candidates. I do know that Howard Dean in 2003 started gathering petition signatures to get on the NC 2004 presidential primary ballot, but redistricting litigation caused the primary to be cancelled and caucuses were used instead.

set at $5 for sheriff in 1915 in the original primary act. Changed to 1/2% in 1933 and 1% in 1939.

and have no recollection what I paid. I had so much support from rural voters who supported my call for fair representation that money was not a concern.

to run for county commissioner in District 2's democratic primary. As Marvin Gaye once said, "Let's get it on".

...and already 6 candidates have plunked down the $826 to file! http://orangepolitics.org/elections-2014/candidates

is a word with baggage.


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