UNC Student Gov't Pushing for Drop of 4-Nonrelated Person Maximum Occupancy Limit in Chapel Hill. Thoughts?


I understand the students' concern, but I think they should use dorms on campus, rent apartments, or if in houses, not iive more than present rules. It is too much a burden on the greater Chapel Hill community and leads to ghettos of students with all the problems that ensue in such situations. 

I think this idea that students are a "burden" on the town is incredibly problematic. Chapel Hill and Carrboro wouldn't be the communities that they are without UNC, with its sizable student population and as a place of employent for many longterm residents.Many students don't want to live in dorms past a certain point, and UNC has said that apartments are not cost-effective to be managed by housing on-campus, so naturally we're seeing students move off campus.I certainly think that the University and students in general could do more to be better prepared and educated about being a part of the broader community, but the solution isn't to simply blame students and tell them where and how they should live. Rather, the answer is to have a productive dialogue and implement policies that work for all residents.


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