2015 Election Day Open Thread

Did you vote early? Are you voting today? What are you seeing out there? Share it here...



I voted around 9AM and there were cars taking up all of the parking spots and curb space but only a couple of voters.  Guess the cars were for the volunteers and all of the many canvasers hanging around outside?  As I was leaving a small line of a few people had formed.

Its impossible to gauge from such a short visit, but my impression is this is goig to be the heaviest turnout in an off-year in quite some time, which is to say a small minority of the overall population.

To make Molly happy here is a repost. At 7:30 AM 15 people had voted at the Kings Mill Precinct. By the way the ballot has two sides and the back side has one of the five bond issues on it. The other four are on the front. (This is only for folks within the Chapel Hill Town and CHCCS districts.) At  Kings Mill Jeannie was passing out fliers for Pam H and later in the morning I received a robo call from Chris/ Equity asking support for LGBT candidates. Unlike previous years there was no Democratic Party table.

Was at Greenwood (UNCGA) from 7:15 til 1:15. Democratic table was there. 2 school board candidates had ppl there from 9 to 11. EQUALITY person came at 11 and staying til polls closed. I'm now at Mason Farm (Kehillah). I have been only greeter at Kahillah 

At lunchtime the Scroggs voter count was already over 300.  Looks like its on target for a record. 

By 4PM 340 people had voted at the library. Lots of families inside since no school today. Mark and Donna were campaigning. Democratic Party tent was busy.


I missed the early returns because I was watching Lucky ( a movie about a child in South Africa) at the Stone center. More good movies this week and next.

For school board it looks like Dasi, Sammuels, Streater and Heinrich (with Watson still close)

For council Jessica, Donna, Nancy and Michael (with Jim still close)

For mayor, Pam beat Mark

Best wishes to everyone who ran.


I voted against him because he never adequately addressed the abuse of police power in Chapel Hill, in particular in the case of the outrageous assault on the anarchists who occupied the old Yates building (now the Carolina Ale House) on West Franklin Street in November of 2011. After some years in office, I think he became more concerned with how well he would get along with the police chief than he was the moral imperative this incident called upon him to follow. 

Congrats Chapel Hill with the election of Pam Hemminger ITS THE SAME OLD,SAME OLD, Should be interesting how long it will take before ya all , bitch to her .

You're not being a very gracious loser, Gary.

Would you with just 76 votes?


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