Carrboro Police responding to citizen complaints of speeding, unsafe driving

Through citizen complaints, we've recently identified some problem areas where speeding and unsafe driving issues have been reported to us.

  • Davie Rd, a 25 MPH zone (speeding particularly between Neville Rd and Fidelity St)
  • Rogers Rd, a 35 MPH zone
  • Carol St & Lorraine St, a 25 MPH zone (speeding, running stop signs, etc.)
  • N Greensboro St near Shelton St, a 20 MPH zone (speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, etc.)
  • Morningside Dr at Spring Valley Rd, a 25 MPH zone

I'll be working with several patrol officers over the next few weeks to really focus on these areas.  If you wish to report problem areas or request additional services, there are a number of ways to contact us.

The first and fastest way is by calling 911.  If the incident is occuring right now, is dangerous or requires immediate police response, this is always the best way to get up with us.  If, for example, you are following a car that is weaving all over the road and practicing unsafe driving habits, get the best description of the car possible and relay that to dispatchers.  Things like the make, model, number of doors, color, license plate number, unique stickers, etc. are very helpful to us when trying to locate the vehicle.  

You may also contact us by sending an email to  This email address is only monitored Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM.  

You may also utilize our website, either by creating a form on our Request Tracker ( or filling out a form in our "I Need To..." section the website (  Either option will get a response as soon as is practicable.

--Officer D


Officer D - really glad to see this effort. I live on Davie near Fidelity and crossing Davie is always a bit sketchy because cars come flying up the hill, without pedestrians being able to see the cars (and vice versa!). It was great this morning to see a cruiser parked in a new spot for the area, at the entrance to Fidelity Court. Hope this works!


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