Occupy the Ballot Box: taking back our democracy from corporate rule from the grassroots up


Saturday, December 3, 2011 - 9:30am to 4:30pm


Orange County Campus of Durham Tech, Room 201; 525 College Park Road, Hillsborough

9:00 am Registration  -- visitors are free, membership is $10, pre-order lunch


9:30 am Welcome and Introductions 

9:40 am Workshop/Teach-in by Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller: 

             “How to Elect Progressive Candidates from the Grassroots Up”


11:40 am short break


11:45 am  Move to Amend:  Challenging the Myth of Corporate Personhood

     presentation and vote on resolution facilitated by Sally Goerner, MTA Triangle

12:15 pm Lunch and informal Discussion


1:00 pm  The future of voter-owned elections, transparency and accountability after Citizens United

               - Jake Gellar-Goad from Democracy NC


 1:30 pm Mobilizing for Campaigns without candidates:


              Defeating the marriage discrimination amendment - Sam Parker from Protect NC Families


              Protecting voter rights and ballot access for all -- Jake Gellar-Goad from Democracy NC


             Creating an independent redistricting commission -- Jesse Goslen, Wake Progressive Democrats


2:30 pm break 

2:40 pm The future of progressive politics in a rapidly changing world   -   roundtable discussion


4:30 pm adjourn




This looks like a great event! Wish I had known about it sooner. 

Me Too.Jake where was this advertised? Sorry to miss it. 

are via e-mail, their website, and postings like this on OP & BlueNC.I actually just got back, and it was a really great event from the parts I was able to participate in.  We talked about the worrying implicaitons of Citizens United, and ways to address the issue through education (including education about Art Pope's influence), through supporting public campaign financing to give people the option to run for office without financial strings attached, and about a constitutional amendment at the national level to combat Citizens United... and how getting organizations and municipalities to pass resolutions in support of such an amendment is an important step in that direction.We talked about the need to fight back against attacks on voting rights like the very restrictive photo ID Bill, and attacks on early voting.  And how it is important to be reaching out to County Boards of Election right now to tell them to have as many voting sites as in 08, to have them in good locations, and with good hours, and to reach out to County Commissioners to remind them about the important of funding for these so everyone can exercise their right to vote.  Councilman-Elect Lee Storrow was there too, and pointed out the important of having sites near college campuses with the specific transportation issues they face.There was a good bit of discussion about the marriage discrimination amendment too, and how a lot of the attacks on citizens of all stripes coming out of this general assembly really trace back to the big money in politics issues that put them in office in the first place.  And I carved out some of my speaking time to show this little video (below).  Overall, a very good event!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5kHACjrdEY 

http://www.organizenorthcarolina.org/code/calendar.htmlThat website is a good resource for a variety of events.  I first heard about it when they were passing out cards advertising it at HKonJ last year, and it seems over time a lot more groups have started to use it.


would have been an obvious result. Did that happen? 


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