Orange County Organizing Committee meeting


Monday, March 9, 2009 - 2:30pm


Binkley Baptist Church, 1712 Willow Drive, Chapel Hill

From an OP comment:

The next county-wide general meeting of the OCOC will be March 9th. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm with meetings of the 6 interest groups (living wage, affordable housing, immigrant families, healthcare, education, and the environment) and at 8:00 pm there will be a general meeting when the interest groups report back and other business is discussed. We will end promptly at 9 pm.

Molly De Marco





Issue is a Living Wage policy for the town -- several council members promised the OCOC in a Dec 7th meeting that they would direct the town manager to work with OCOC on adding this policy to the budget, but little action has occurred.  OCOC has ~80 people at the meeting to request fulfillment of promise.

49 employees affected.  $80k personnel budget impact.  Despite commitment to talk by council members, staff is ignoring

Says he didn't commit to any wage.   But the town stopped talking with us, which was committed!


Some info repeated, but personalized it too!

How can we get towards $15?


He didn't get direction from the Council.He did meet with OCOC.  Workgroup convened to understand  details.Workgroup fell apart because of schedules, vacation.  He wasn't being non-responsive.  Want to get groups tomorrow/this week. 

He is supportive -- wants to understand #s (do we include CH's extra benefits, for example?) that we can all be happy with."Understanding the details  is not being not supportive"

Thanks to 95% of audience for engaging in dialogue.

Repeat what he said on Dec 7th -- In durham, it was recently 10th anniversary of living wage policy and sky has not fallen.There should be some way we can figure this out.

Thanks to the Council for listening and being willing to engage.  Provided details in handout.


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