Rogers Road Back-to-School Bash


Saturday, August 9, 2008 - 8:30am to 2:30pm


Faith Tabernacle Oasis Of Love International Church, 8005 Rogers Road, Chapel Hill, NC, 27516

I just saw Minister Robert Campbell and he reminded me about this annual event coming up again this year to support the kids of the Rogers Road neighborhood. Their goal is to give out 100 bags filled with school supplies for students returning to school this fall. You can donate bags, school supplies, or money to support the effort.

The event on August 9th will be a big party with fun stuff for kids and, as always, an opportunity to learn more about the community that has hosted our landfill for over three decades.

Folks can drop off in-kind donations at Faith Tabernacle, or send checks made out to "Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association." More information (including a PDF flyer) is available at the web site of the Rogers-Eubanks Coalition. Contact Min. Robert Campbell 933‐6210 or Teresa Thomas 563-2359 with any questions.


This is a great way to help a community that have  helped the orange county communities in which have received the solid waste  from communities , yes it is time to give back and help with the Rogers Road Back -to- SCHOOL Bash,working together making orange  County a better place to live ,one community at a time. do help please ,thank you all for all you do OrangeCounty residents.

Minister Campbell 

Bumping this up as a reminder, but also as a bit of a rant. School supplies are EXPENSIVE! I asked one of the other shoppers at Staples to let me look at the list of supplies she got from the schools for 3rd and 4th graders. Buying the bare necessities for 3 kids cost me close to $60. Does the school system really feel like this is affordable? The costs for high schoolers are even higher.

On the brighter side, I also spoke with an FPG teacher who was buying LOTS of supplies because she gets a tax break and because she knows that her kids can't afford what they are asked to provide. That's why I love teachers--they really care about their kids. But they shouldn't have to be buying supplies out of their own pockets. 

I've seen those back-to-school lists before, and would like to know who makes them up.  Not only does it cost in the neighborhood of $50-60 bucks to buy the required items -- many of them are hard to find and, as one sees as the school year progressses, somewhat frivolous.  The pencil holder comes to mind, as does the sectional notebook designed to keep a third-grader's schoolwork organized. 

 This is not to diss the Roberson community collection.  But by the time it's over, there will be haves and have-nots the same as always.  



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