Carrboro Film Festival This Sunday 11/19!

Just a reminder that the Carrboro Film Festival is this Sunday, 11/19 at 2pm. It is going to be held at the Century Center and is only 3 bucks. We will be featuring locally produced short films and awarding the Kay Kyser Award to the best films. Come out and support the arts in Orange. More info can be found at

Nic Beery
Festival Chair

Congressional debate video

After I watched Mark Barrosso's kick-ass video (thanks, Dan) about the "Yes Men" of Chatham County, offered me a related link to another regional political video. It was segments of Republican challenger Colonel Steve Acuff during a recent debate with Democratic incumbent Congressmember David Price.

I managed to find the entire 75 minute video (that shows Price as well as Acuff) on Google Video and thought I'd share it here (in spite of the fact that it has Acuff's URL in it):

If anyone has the patience to watch the whole thing, let me know how it ends. ;-)

Hood an expert on Edwards?

Wednesday's Daily Tar Heel has a front page story about John Edwards called "Edwards on the Road.” It has a big map of the USA plotting Edward's public travel schedule. The story comes to the conclusion that he is campaigning for President in 2008. Shocked? Not I.

Is John Hood an expert on John Edwards? I wondered this because the story quotes him about the nature of Edward's activities. Hood is President of the John Locke Foundation, a well known conservative think tank here in North Carolina - hardly an unbiased expert on the subject of liberal politicians.

Y'all Vote

The people who frequent this blog need no further encouragement to vote on November 7.

However, if you know someone who doesn't really know who's running in Orange County's elections, or can't distinguish between Mark Martin the Supreme Court candidate and Mark Martin the NASCAR driver, please consider directing them to a new web site,

The site contains a comprehensive list of web sites for candidates running for North Carolina state and local offices. For example, the Orange County page has candidate links for competitive races for County Commission, Sheriff, Superior Court, House District 54, and Senate District 23. Other features include links to voter registration forms, a blog to debate voter turnout issues, an "Election Alarm Clock" reminder, and other links to relevant sites. is non-partisan, non-commercial (i.e., we accept no advertising and collect no revenue) and does not support a particular candidate or ideology.

Bicycle Activism Online

Chris Richmond, Executive Director of the ReCYCLEry, and I have launched to publicize the ReCYCLEry and its partners' community programs such as the newly launched Blue Urban Bike program and Carrboro Greenspace.We have tentatively decided to keep the contributors limited, and leave the conversation to more comprehensive forums such as OrangePolitics. Theoretically, we may limit return traffic to the site, but this will leave us more time for real world activism, and keep the site a resource for pure information, media and community links.So we pose these questions: Should we attempt to encourage more online activism by creating a new forum? or Do we still manage to fully engage our objectives by leaving debate and editorial content elsewhere?



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