Indy Endorsements!

The very influential Independent Weekly announced its endorsements today for the primary election, which will be on May 2nd.

In the Orange County BOCC election, it couldn't pick. Thus it encourages you to vote for three out of the quartet of Fred Battle, Mike Nelson, Barry Jacobs, and Alice Gordon.

In the Superior Court race it endorses Carl Fox and Adam Stein.

For Congress it endorses David Price.

In the statewide Judicial races it endorses Robin Hudson for Supreme Court, and Bob Hunter and Linda Stephens for their respective Court of Appeals seats.

Pretty much on the mark in my opinion...

Orange County Commissioner Candidates Forum

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce is partnering with EmPOWERment, Inc., the Village Project, and WCHL 1360AM to host an Orange County Commissioner candidates forum on Tuesday, April 11 from 7:30pm-9pm at Southern Human Services Center in Chapel Hill. The forum will be broadcast live on WCHL 1360AM. The forum partners hope that you can attend or listen to the live broadcast on WCHL.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce also asked candidates to complete a questionnaire and interview. The Chamber elections brochure complete with questionnaire answers and chamber commentary on candidates is available online at

Al Franken returns

I just learned that Al Franken is returning to Chapel Hill this Friday, April 7. I went to see him last April and had a whale of a good time. I won't be able to go this year because of the job thing but hope hear it on the radio. If I'm a good boy perhaps WillR and others will web log it again.

Doors open at 10:30, he did a bit of stand up last time that wasn't broadcast. The good seats go quick. Show runs from noon till 3:00. Admission is free. It's in the student union on the UNC campus. Check it out.

WCHL's web site say's this is in conjunction with some kind of movie Al's in. It's showing at 8:30 PM and is part of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.

It's Carrboro!

The only word I have for this is AWESOME.Bill McCormick (a.k.a. Billy Sugarfix), who is a talented and funny musician, and Brian Risk (who slings code for Geneffects and slings beer for the Cat's Cradle) have written an ode to Carrboro, hip-hop style!Below is a sample of the lyrics.

Help Save The Peoples Channel and Local Community Media

Good evening to you all. This is Chad A. Johnston, director of The Peoples Channel, Chapel Hill and Orange CountyÂ’s non-profit public access television station. My brain is a little fuzzy due to the work load over here, so I apologize if I ramble on. We face very troubling times in the telecommunications world right now, and without community input and support, we could loose valuable community resources.



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