Does OP help Local media?

During the past few days we've seen a lot of referrals to local media coverage in the form of links. Orange Politics also permanently links to most major local media. On the Internet links are the way "word of mouth" advertising (aka viral advertising) is driven. It's like karma. The more you give the more you get. The search engine Google recognizes linking and reciprocates with a high ranking in search results with certain keywords to sites that link often. But the fact is OP is non-commercial. OP doesn't receive money from advertising or linking. We link because we are interested in sharing stories. Our "profit" occurs when we have informed citizens.

We are fortunate that many local reporters and media professionals join in our discussions. They bring a level of detail and quality that comes with making a career of gathering news. Based on site stats we know that many more people read OP than comment on it. We know reporters use OP as a resource. It's confirmed when commercial news stories quote OP comments with and without attribution.

“Left of Center, Right at Home”

Fun, fun! The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership is searching for a marketing slogan to attract business to Franklin Street. According to the N&O today businessman Lex Alexander likes “Left of Center, Right at Home”. Other members aren't so sure about this slogan. They want Alexander to go back to his Durham marketing firm and try again.

I think the Partnership needs some local input. Surely, we can help them out. Any suggestions for a catchy slogan?

Businessman Lex Alexander introduced the motto to fellow board members Wednesday after a recent brainstorming session with a Durham marketing firm.

They stared at him, wide-eyed and silent. Developer Tom Tucker managed a short "Uh... ." Other board members laughed nervously.

Alexander said the slogan meets at least one of the board's goals: It gets attention. "To me it says that we're eccentric, but it's a friendly place," he said.

Transparent as a Glass Bottom Boat

Last year WCHL was "Building Bridges," so tell us, have we successfully crossed those troubled waters, or is there still work to be done?

My fingers are still numb from typing up summaries of last year's Community Forum, but it's time to start looking forward to that big talk once again. Because the community should not just be on the receiving end of a discussion, I want to get all of you involved now.

Please, state in no uncertain terms what you think the issues for this year's talk should be.

Right now we're leaning toward traffic patterns/pedestrian safety… workforce housing versus affordable housing… crime and public safety. What's the new wrinkle in the Town/Gown debate?

Are we off base? What's more important to you? Who should be the people talking about what matters the most to this area? (And since we want at least 7 people on each panel, don't be shy about nominating folks)

Thanks, Daniel.

Congrats, Dan

In addition to being the newest member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, OP's own Dan Coleman is also the winner of today's Village Pride Award from WCHL! Click here to hear the MP3. (There is no archive so the link works today only.)

I encourage you all to nominate your own friends and colleagues for this award. It's a great way to recognize all kinds of leadership.

While I'm here, congrats to WCHL on the recent re-design of their web site, including two new ways to get local news: text archives* and audio podcasts. Thanks, WCHL! (* If the archives had a syndicated feed they'd be even better and I could add them to our local blogroll.)

Some great blogs around here

In addition to all the interesting local blogs listed on the OP local blogroll, I'd like to call your attention to some of the really outstanding political blogs around central North Carolina:

Facing South - The Institute for Southern Studies has been a strong voice for the progressive south for decades. Now their blog tackles current events across the region in a substantial way. Their post-Katrina reporting has been invaluable.

N.C. Conservation Network - This group connects environmental groups across the state and the blog adds a more personal tone to the issues.

BlueNC - Like a dailyKOS for North Carolina. Covers statewide and legislative issues, each registered user can write their own blog on the site.



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