I heart downtown Chapel Hill

Is anyone else as sick as I am of the Chapel Hill News harping on how much downtown sucks? Last weekend there was a big spread mostly about how we are doomed (again). It was way too lengthy for me to dissect it all, but if you read it, please share your thoughts.

Here's one great letter to the editor in response:

How dare they be homeless?

I, too, am outraged at the panhandling that occurs on Franklin Street. Even all of the letters from Sunday's paper could not convey my disgust at those homeless. How dare they ask me for money! I mean, they chose to be homeless; it's their fault.

They buy drugs and alcohol and don't save their money like us good, righteous folks. They stand there smoking expensive cigarettes, and turn right around to ask me for change. They waste their money, so they deserve to sleep on freezing concrete. My rights are being trampled when they ask for money, and their poverty makes me so uncomfortable.

Indy Endorsements!

The Independent Weekly endorsements, often thought to be the most influential in Orange County races, came out today.

In Chapel Hill the Indy endorses Kevin Foy for Mayor, and Mark Kleinschmidt, Laurin Easthom, Will Raymond, and Bill Thorpe for Council.

In Carrboro the Indy endorses Mark Chilton for Mayor, and Jacquie Gist, John Herrera, and Randee Haven-O'Donnell for Board of Aldermen.

For the School Board it endorses Lisa Stuckey, Pam Hemminger, and Jean Hamilton.

DTH Endorses in Chapel Hill... and Carrboro

The DTH has announced its endorsements in the Chapel Hill Town Council Election. They are: Kevin Foy for Mayor, and Laurin Easthom, Mark Kleinschmidt, Will Raymond, and Bill Thorpe for Council.

You can read the endorsements here.

UPDATE: Carrboro endorsements announced.


Local media outlets have some polls to entertain us readers. Here's an opportunity to vote early and often:

News of Orange
Should intelligent design be taught in school?
Yes 20%
Yes, if evolution is also 25%
No 50%
I don't know 5%

Chapel Hill News
Do you support a special district tax for the Orange County Schools?
Yes 92%
No 7%
I don't know 1%

News & Observer
If mandatory water cutbacks are enacted, would you turn in your neighbors if you saw them violate the restrictions?
Yes 35%
No 53%
I'm not sure 12%

News 14 Carolina
Do you think the U.S. is making progress in the war against terrorism?
Yes 39%
No 61%

News media news

WUNC is now publishing podcasts * of their local/state news coverage, and of the locally-produced program The State of Things. I applaud them for this step, as well as for their live audio stream and open archives. There's also an unofficial blog by Terry Maguire discussing WUNC, which could use some dialogue. It seems to be a well-kept secret (until now).

Visit WUNC's podcasts page to suscribe. They are offering something called the WUNC PubCatcher, which I guess you can use if you don't have a program that can catch podcasts. You can also use iTunes to catch podcasts and video blogs(!).



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