Local politics on campus

Guest Post by Ryan Tuck

For the first time in its history The Daily Tar Heel will host a municipal elections forum designed to attract more University community interest in municipal elections. The 329 student-aged voters who participated in 2003 are a constant reminder that the campus community has held a passing interest in local political affairs. We feel a responsibility to help change that.

With co-sponsors in student government, the College Republicans, Young Democrats, VoteCarolina, Black Student Movement, the Graduate and Professional Student Federation and the Interfraternity Council, we will host an informal community speak-out style forum THIS WEDNESDAY from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Greenlaw 101 - the one next to Lenoir Dining Hall. A map is available at:

Website optional?

In the past here on OrangePolitics, we have discussed whether endorsements matter, and made fun of candidates' yard signs (both of which I hope we will do again this year). Now that candidate websites are becoming more common, the Chapel Hill Herald has started the conversation about whether an online presence makes a difference in local campaigns. (And they have helped me complete the web site listings for the OP Election Guide, thanks!)

Say 'hey' to Steph

Over at dent (the Indy's new politics blog) Kirk Ross reports that the Stephanie Miller Show is broadcasting live from the ArtsCenter in Carrboro this morning. You can hear it on WCHL from 9 am to noon, or drop by and say 'hey' in person.

The local legacy of James Cates

This event will discuss the history of Chapel Hill's own 1970 lynching of African American James Cates (the cousin of my friend Nate Davis). He was murdered in public on campus by a white biker gang called the "Storm Troopers." No-one was convicted.

Blood Done Sign OUR Names
The Lessons of Censored History For Our Struggles Today
Monday, September 12, 2005
7:00 pm, Murphey 116
Panel Discussion

Who knew?

Congrats to the Independent Weekly whose September 9, 2004 cover story exposed FEMA's decimation in the service of "homeland security." Managing Editor Kirk Ross says the article is getting a lot of hits lately (Google counts at least 182 links). I would like other newspapers to note that this was only possible because they use permalinks for each story and keep their archives completely open.

"Disaster in the Making" was written by former Chapel Hillian Jon Elliston almost a year ago. Here's an excerpt:



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