Blogging the Championship

Quite a number of locals blogged about the Tarheels victory last Monday night. Permeating our unity in support of this team is quite a lot of diversity in our reactions. Here is a collection of blog posts on everything from the players to the politics:

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On the partying:

Town Council Member Sally Greene: "Fire chief Dan Jones came up with this: why not have an official bonfire somewhere on campus? But UNC hasn't warmed to the idea, and the police chief isn't so sure about it either, thinking shades of Texas A&M."

Sally was also guest blogging at Is That Legal? where she posted the police report and my picture of two women climbing a pole at the corner of Franklin and Columbia. Sally's husband Paul Jones posted pictures of the victory celebration at the Dean Dome when the team returned.

We did it again

For the second year in a row, we have have won "Best Blog" from the Independent Weekly!

Last year, there was no reader pick for Best Blog so the Indy staff bestowed this honor upon Orange Politics. This year, the people have spoken and we are once again named the Best Local Blog!

Being chosen by the readers is an even bigger honor, and I'm very flattered and grateful. I especially appreciate Dan Coleman and the other OP contributors who create this site every day by sharing their knowledge and opinions. I also appreciate all the folks who read the site and comment regularly. There are many more who visit and don't comment, and that's just fine. If you are getting useful information and ideas, then we are doing our job. Please keep reading this and other local blogs!

Hey, gals, can you bloviate?

An interesting debate has erupted nationally over the lack of women among the punditry. Katha Pollitt (niece of our own celebrated Dan Pollitt) wrote in the April 4 Nation about recent reports including one that only 20% of the LA Times op-ed authors were women. The Washington Post has only one woman among its 19 pundits and only 10% on its op-ed page.

Pollitt quotes the NY Times' Maureen Dowd that there are "plenty of brilliant women.... We just need to find and nurture them." To which Pollitt replies "Oh, nurture my eye. It may be true that more men than women like to bloviate and 'bat things out'--socialization does count for something. So do social rewards: I have seen men advance professionally on levels of aggression, self-promotion and hostility that would have a woman carted off to a loony bin--unless, of course, she happens to be Ann Coulter."

What Should Al Franken Discuss in Chapel Hill?

As reported in the News & Observer:

"The Al Franken Show" is coming to Chapel Hill on April 13. Al Franken and co-host Katherine Lanpher will broadcast the show live from the Carolina Union Auditorium. "The Al Franken Show" airs weekdays from noon until 3 p.m. on News Talk 1360 WCHL-AM. The station announced the visit Tuesday.

Perhaps someone at WCHL can provide more information on Franken and Lanpher's plans for their visit to Chapel Hill.

I have emailed Franken inviting him to visit orangepolitics to find possible topics.

Some that might be relevant to a national discussion are the change of ownership at the Herald, the rally in Fayetteville, and the Bell Award.

I can't say that Franken is looking for suggestions but what do others think are big issues in Chapel Hill or at UNC that have national saliency for progressives?

Schultz Returns to Head N&O Bureau

The Independent reports that veteran journalist Mark Schultz will be returning to Orange County:

The N&O has also lured away longtime H-S reporter and current metro editor Mark Schultz, who will be in charge of both the Orange County bureau of the newspaper and its community paper there, The Chapel Hill News.

This can only be good news for the local news. It indicates a serious commitment to our area by the N&O and a willingness to compete with the Herald for coverage and circulation. The competition should keep both papers engaged in Orange County, much to our benefit.

From a reader's perspective, Schultz did a great job when he previously edited the Chapel Hill Herald. He is a fitting replacement for Ted Vaden.

Welcome back, Mark.



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