Buena suerte al Centro Latino

This weekend, Eric Muller's blog pointed me to a story in the Chapel Hill News about El Centro Latino. I'm not sure whether I should write that El Centro is having trouble again, or that their struggle continues.

There's no doubt their path has been rocky. From my vantage point, it's difficult to tell how much of these problems are from working with a low-resource population on problems that the majority of people may not know exist, and how much of it stems from poor management. It's likely to be at least a little of both. But having worked professionally in the nonprofit sector for over a decade, I have a lot of sympathy for the challenges of a brand-new organization just trying to get on it's feet while the problems it hopes to address are exploding. It's certainly annoying to see people take the time to complain about them instead of volunteering or donating to make the programs better.

Defend Public Broadcasting

Help protect UNC-TV and WUNC from Bush Administration budget cuts and partisan appointees.

Community Forum on Defending Public Broadcasting.

Thursday, August 4th from 7 – 9:30 p.m.
The United Church of Chapel Hill
1321 Martin Luther King., Jr. Blvd.
(NC-86/Historic Airport Rd.)

*A screening of Bill Moyers' historic address on the threat posed to public broadcasting by the Bush administration at the National Conference for Media Reform
*A discussion panel featuring Congressman David Price and Jim Goodmon, president and CEO of Capitol Broadcasting and national board member of Common Cause
*Q+A, comments, calls to action.

Event sponsored by the Committee to Defend Public Broadcasting. Co-sponsors: Common Cause North Carolina, the Independent Weekly, Balance and Accuracy in Journalism, the People's Channel, Orange County Democratic Party, Orange County Democratic Women, UNC Young Democrats

For more details or directions, contact Pete MacDowell @ 968-9184

Farewell (?) Ray

Well, I don't believe Ray Gronberg is gone to Durham never to be heard from in Orange again. Neil Offen did report today that Ray has been reassigned to a Durham County beat. Unfortunately Neil's piece is not available through the on-line edition.

Ray does have a great memory of votes and issues over the years he's covered Orange. If you don't believe that, try having him edit your work on some of those issues! I still have some of the lengthy email exchanges to attest to it.

I'm sure, despite his Parkwood address and Durham beat, he'll be popping up on these pages from time to time to keep us honest.

Good luck, Ray.

Citizen Journalism?

OrangePolitics is a great place to discuss local politics, but should we also be able to discuss/react to our local newspaper articles? Steve Outing at Poynter Online has an interesting article on Citizen Journalism, that identifies 11 ways in which conventional newspapers can open themselves up to interaction with the public. The Daily Tarheel has allowed comments all year and the feature is almost never used. Should the Chapel Hill Newspaper and the Herald-Sun open themselves up? Would we know more about our community if citizens had the opportunity to add to articles, correct errors, or simply comment?

Why aren't you blogging?

Forget all those excuses. If you're engaged enough to be reading this site, you probably have some opinions to share with the world.

This Saturday Anton Zuiker of BlogTogether is organizing a Blogging Teach-In! Come with your ideas and opinions, he'll help you with the rest. The event will be in a computer lab on campus so you can get help setting up your blog on any platform you choose. Anton and his volunteers will even help you choose a template or design for your snazzy new site!

One-on-one tutorials for anyone who wants help becoming a blogger, or new bloggers who want help improving their blog or making the most of their blogware.

* Saturday, June 11, 2005
* 12 noon—2 p.m.
* UNC-CH Health Sciences Library Biogen Idec Classroom (computer lab with 40 seats)
* Park in the UNC Hospitals parking deck or find nearby street parking.

The more blogs, the merrier.



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