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Update on the Work of the Historic Rogers Road Task Force

The Historic Rogers Road Task Force has made progress over the past several months to redress the burden the Rogers Road community has carried in receiving the county's solid waste for over 40 years. Details of a community center are nearing completion. Habitat for Humanity of Orange County will donate two lots for the siting of the community center in the Phoenix Place subdivision. The Orange County Board of Commissioners has approved a capital project of $500,000 to build the community center. A plan is being ironed out for the Rogers-Eubanks Neighborhood Association to rent the commuity center from the county for $1 per year. The towns of Carrboro and Chapel Hill will contribute to the center's programming costs.

On September 18, 2012, the Board of Aldermen agreed to contribute up to $900,000 for the remediation effort.

Rogers Road (Before Rogers Road Was Cool)

As someone who has worked with the Rogers Road neighborhood for many years, it really upsets me when I hear some of the criticism lobbed at our local elected officials over the issue of justice for the Rogers Road neighborhood.  It’s true that some of our elected leaders have sought to sweep the issue of landfill compensation under the rug.  But some elected officials in both Chapel Hill and Carrboro have worked hard on these issues for a long time. So let's not paint everyone with the same brush.  
The Landfill Compensation Working Group 
In 1996 and 1997, a group of elected officials (including me, then a Chapel Hill Council-member) and residents of the Rogers Road community recommended a list of 14 compensation items that our local governments owed to the neighbors of the landfill.  This list was a result of inclusive facilitated meetings of the Landfill Compensation Working Group (as the committee of neighbors and officials was known).
Showdown at the Assembly of Governments Corral 
The Assembly of Governments met on October 30, 1997 to discuss the LCWG's recommendations.

Orange County Assembly of Governments meeting


Thursday, September 18, 2008 - 3:30pm



Will Commissioners see the light?

Today I got the flyer below from Rogers Road residents who are organizing a posse to come out to the Assembly of Governments Meeting on Thursday Wednesday. The AoG is a periodic meeting for our elected officials from different jurisdictions to meet together.

Although the transfer station is not on the agenda, this could be an important opportunity for Chapel Hill and Carrboro elected officials (if not residents as well) to push the Commissioners to re-open what all have admitted was a badly flawed search for a location for the proposed waste transfer station.

The Rogers-Eubanks Coalition to End Environmental Racism

(CH-Carrboro Branch of the NAACP, Environmental Justice Network, West End Revitalization Association, Women's International League of Peace and Freedom, Orange County Progressive Democrats, and members of UNC-CH Faculty, Students, and Staff—--In Formation)

Support the Residents of the Landfill Neighborhoods*

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