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Sustain Foundation Looking for Board Members

Looking to get more involved in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro community? Interested in environmental awareness, healthy lifestyles, educational access, and international partnerships?

Sustain Foundation is a growing, grassroots, community service organization seeing passionate and committed individuals to serve on the board in an advisory role. The requirements of the position include a regular monthly meeting lasting no longer than 90 minutes and critically reading comprehensive ‘update’ documents every other week. Board terms last one year, and additional information is included below. Send an email to Sustain Foundation at to inquire more information about Sustain Foundation and this opportunity to substantially contribute to the development of a local non-profit.

More information: The mission of Sustain Foundation, a 501c3 based in Carrboro, is to create and implement sustainable solutions to health, environmental and education challenges in the local and global community. The organization focuses on promoting partnership of mutual support in order to match the strengths and needs of different communities. Within the local community the organization has focused on Latina women's health through a walking program as well as environmental awareness through the publishment of the Community Trail Guide, which mapped natural surface trails in the area. Sustain Foundation is also active in promoting well-being through a local women's running group. In Sakina, Tanzania, Sustain Foundation is implementing community-based educational and health programs.


PO BOX 1195 Carrboro, NC 27510

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