Chapel Hill 2020

Chapel Hill and Priority Budgeting

Tonight, the Chapel Hill Town Council will have their first public forum on the FY2012-2013 budget. This is in anticipation of the Manager's presentation of the recommended budget on May 14. The full budget calendar can be found here.

Future Focus Report Out Frustrates Participants

Earlier this evening town staff briefed the public on the results from the Future Focus sessions held last week. The meeting followed a pretty basic format. During the first and last 30 minutes, participants were free to roam around five different rooms, one or each of the special study areas that town previously identified. In the hour between, Mary Jane Nirdlinger, the town’s assistant planning director, gave a presentation synthesizing the results while taking questions from the audience.

Future Focus Sessions Fall Flat

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the town of Chapel Hill conducted charrette-style Future Focus sessions designed to understand how town residents would like to see Chapel Hill grow from the urban design perspective. The overall event was split into three sessions, one on Wednesday evening and two identical sessions on Thursday. The first session included several presentations on town growth and an urban design exercise where participants were asked to rate 50 different images on their favorableness for fitting in downtown. The second and third sessions were map mark-ups for five study areas along key transportation corridors (i.e. MLK, 15-501 and 54).

Chapel Hill 2020 Special Topic: Tourism as a Community-Based Economic Development Strategy

Chapel Hill 2020 will offer the special topic presentation "Tourism as a Community-Based Economic Development Strategy" by Laurie Paolicelli, executive director of the Chapel Hill-Orange County Visitors Bureau. The public is invited to the presentation to be held at noon Wednesday, Feb. 22, in the Council Chamber of Chapel Hill Town Hall. The public event will be aired live on Chapel Hill Government TV-18 and streamed on the Town of Chapel Hill website at 

According to the NC Department of Commerce, visitors traveling to and within the state of North Carolina spent a record $17 billion in 2010, supporting more than 40,000 North Carolina businesses and directly supporting 183,900 jobs all across the state. State and local tax revenues generated as a result of visitor spending total more than $1.5 billion annually.

North Carolina ranks as the 6th most visited state in the United States. How does Chapel Hill build upon the state's status as a top destination for visitors? What challenges does the local hospitality industry face in light of the current economy? What new developments are taking place? These topics and more will be discussed.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm


Council Chamber, Chapel Hill Town Hall

Frustration 2020, Part Six: Recapping the Report Out

Tonight’s theme group meeting took a different form from those past (see my post on the first and second theme group report outs). After the usual introductions and settling down, Rosemary Waldorf, one of the two co-chairs of the 2020 process updated the participants on the timeline and outlined some results of discussions from the Town Council Retreat that took place over the weekend.



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