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What You Can Do, As Advertised

As many of you know, the Chapel Hill 2020  planning process is getting underway. This new Comprehensive Plan for Chapel Hill will affect you—the roads you drive on, the places you work, the parks you visit, etc. so it’s important that you share your perspective to help the town craft the best vision possible. The more perspectives included in the plan, the more accurately the plan will reflect our community’s diversity, so be sure to contribute!

The town has already publicized seven different ways to get involved. You shouldn’t feel limited by this list, but it serves as a great jumping off point:

What We Can Learn From Durham

[Mr. Bull]Apparently I was quoted in the News & Observer after last week's information session about UNC's proposed redevelopment of University Square. I didn't notice that story, but today a colleague said something to me about a cartoon in the Independent Weekly. Wha? After some hunting I found this V.C Rogers illustration "Mr. Bull" which features my statement that "Durham has been kicking our ass, Chapel Hill has to catch up."

While I'm not especially proud of how articulate that one (out of context) quotation was, I do stand behind it. Seeing the way the Indy cartoon twisted my point made me want to expand or at least explain a little more.

Eubanks Road Park-and-Ride Expansion Public Information Meeting

How to make the Comprehensive Plan truly comprehensive

I've been encouraged to hear municipal staff and elected leaders in Chapel Hill talk about how broad, inclusive, and engaging they want the process of revising the Town's Comprehensive Plan to be. I've also seen some positive steps in this direction, but have also been frustrated about my inability to get information about what is going on with the process so far. Hopefully, this frustration will end when the public part of the process kicks off on September 27th (OP's birthday, coincidentally).

The town's "2020" web site lists ways that people can get involved including: Become a Stakeholder, Join a Working Group, Subscribe to our email list, Take a survey, Attend a Meeting, Tell someone about Chapel Hill 2020, and Tell us who's missing. This is a great start. I think this process is an opportunity to think more broadly about how to get residents more involved more effectively and creatively in our local government, and I bet we can think of some different formats and different venues for this to happen.

Thoughts on First initiating Committee Meeting

I thought I would pass along some thoughts from our first Initiating Committee for the new Chapel Hill Comprehensive Plan. As has been noted on OP before, the Initiating Committee has an important task in insuring that a diverse group of stakeholders attend meetings and that all viewpoints in the town are represented. The committee seems both thoughtful and diverse in our opinions about the town, and on how to attract people into comprehensive plan discussions. The item that sparked the most discussion was how (or even if) citizens who don’t live in Chapel Hill, but because of employment, proximity, or ties to the University, should be involved in the process.



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