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As we've mentioned before here on OP, the Town of Chapel Hill is preparing to revise its decade-old Comprehensive Plan (CP). In addition to documenting something of a shared vision of the community, it is also used as the basis of the Town's LUMO (Land Use Management Ordinance) which contains the actual policies and regulations with which all developers must comply. In an attempt to ramp up the process of creating this community document, the Town Council is trying a new approach: they decided to empanel an "Initiating Committee" (IC) that will lay out the process through which the actual CP wil be created.

Council Work Session on Comprehensive Plan


Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 6:30pm


Hargraves Community Center, 216 North Roberson Street, Chapel Hill

Council Work Session on Chapel Hill Comprehensive Plan

"At the Council's retreat on February 4, 2011, the Council requested an additional opportunity to discuss the update of the Town's Comprehensive Plan. This work session will continue the Council's conversation about the Comprehensive Plan and include discussion with representatives of the National Civic League and Deliberative Democracy." 


Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 7:00pm


Library Meeting Room, 100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill

Capturing the New Spirit of the Campaign for Change in Orange County

Having been very active during the Primary and my wife very active during the General Election, we went to lots of victory parties!

The omnipresent question was "What now?"

I met Stan at such a party and, being of like mind and sense of making something happen, he and I decided to answer that question.  So, we met a couple of times and exchanged some email and phone calls and Stan wrote up a document explaining our ideas. 

Then we invited a group of people to my house to discuss the document.  This blog contains my thoughts from that meeting....

We had several of the "Crew Chiefs" from the Obama 'Campaign for Change' who were the folks that managed several precincts during the campaign.  We also had some folks who may not have had titles but worked their tails off most of the year toward the same goal.  (I don't want to post names here as I did not get permission for that). 

Ruby, from, was there as was the chair of the Democratic Party and a local elected official.

In all, ten people.

County Comp Plan Thread debates Rural Airport, Kenan Stadium

Since May 2008 I count six posts relating to the County Comp Plan. The event calendar thread of Nov. 17 by far has generated the most comments -- 25 and counting. However, few of these comments actually debate the proposed comp plan -- which will guide growth and development in the county's planning jurisdiction for the next 20 years. Great interest is shown regarding the possible HW replacement airport being build in the county and in the funding of Kenan Stadium. The post from May 17 generated the most debate about the plan of any of the posts -- eight total.

 I'm concerned this "evidence" accurately portrays the degree of disinterest in how County government intends to "plan" for our future.

 the link below directs you to the Orange County Comprehensive Plan Coalition website




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