Affordable Housing: Report of the Carrboro Planning Board and upcoming discussions

The Town of Carrboro Planning Board held a series of three Affordable Housing Dialogues in October 2012 to educate and engage the public in planning for affordable housing. A report of their findings is now available. The chair of the Carrboro Planning Board will be presenting on this report and the Carrboro Board of Alderfolks will be discussing it at their meeting tonight (Tuesday, February 19th).

The recommendations of the report are:

1. Make the Affordable Housing Task Force a standing committee of the Board of Aldermen, and expand it to include other public and private stakeholders, such as advisory boards, affordable housing developers, and advocates.

2. In that comprehensive policy, consider a staggered approach to income targeting and goals, such that people along the income continuum of very low (less than 50% of median income), to low (50% - 80%) to moderate income (80% - 115%) can benefit in some way from Carrboro’s policy efforts and investments.

"Dream Up Downtown" with the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership

The Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership is ramping up YOUR involvement in the Chapel Hill downtown with the "Dream Up Downtown Walks." These walks are moving conversations to explore and engage in our downtown. The walks are on the first Thursday of September, October, November and December, beginning at 6 pm at the University Baptist Church Memorial Garden at the corner of Franklin Street and Columbia Street.

Chain Store Storms the Gateway to Carrboro

The intersection of Alabama Avenue and Jones Ferry Road is the first impression of Carrboro for visitors entering town from Highway 54. It is important to the Central Business District and the Farmer's Market that this section of Jones Ferry Rd makes a good first impression. This is the Gateway to Carrboro.

Hello and welcome!

Hello, all! I'm Sarah Morayati, a UNC senior and former Daily Tar Heel reporter. I've followed OP for a while now, and now I'm covering local government and development for Reesenews, the news/multimedia website the UNC journalism school just launched.

Right now we're planning out our coverage focuses for the coming year, and even though we're only a week or two past launch, we'd love to hear your thoughts about how we can better serve the community.

In particular, we're hoping to be able to use the freedom that comes with our online platform to provide more in-depth coverage of news and issues. This can happen through long-form articles and series, experimental story forms, multimedia, etc. -- whatever works. Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Less of? Issues or news topics that have gone under-reported or covered too briefly?

Let us know what thoughts you have -- either here, on Twitter or by email (sarah [dot] morayati [at] reesenews [dot] org). We're listening!

10 Acre Lot Question

I have been following up on my previous blog regarding small farm development in Orange County.  A key to any successful entireprise is being covered by the NC Bona Fide Farm statute.   I find the statute wording to be confusing, but a key provision is that 10 acres of land needs to be comprised of land in production or contiguous woodlands or wetlands.  Based on this rule, the minimum practical size for a Bona Fide farm in NC is approximately 11 acres, 10 to meet the rule in the statue and at leasts an acre for buildings and roads. 



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