'Sludge Diet' - movie show times & locations

Are you eating a SLUDGE DIET!?

It was dumped in the ocean until it killed fish and other ocean life - now it’s being spread on farmlands in N.C. Hear how sewage sludge or ”free fertilizer” may be affecting our health and environment...

In Orange County, 3057 acres are permitted for land application of residuals!

Come to the premiere showing of “Sludge Diet,” a 50-minute Canadian-produced film documentary.

FREE admission!


  • Central Carolina Community College, Pittsboro, Tues. May 12
  • Carrboro Century Center, Tues. May 19
  • Burlington Public Library, Wed. May 20
  • UCLA Community Center, Hwy. 87, Thurs May 21
  • Graham Public Library, Fri. May 22

Movie times: 7-8:30 p.m. all locations

For more information:

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League / NC Healthy Communities: 336-525-2003 sdayton at


Sewage Sludge Action Network: 919-270-7534
myradotson at

If you would like a free showing of “Sludge Diet” for your group or organization, please contact Sue Dayton. telephone (336) 525-2003 or email sdayton at



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