Kevin Wolff

Airport Meeting (and candidates' decorum)

The meeting this evening in White Cross, near the top-ranked 'Site H' for UNC air operations after RDU, was very well attended and full of reasonable information, some of which was recently brought out in the Indy. I encourage participation in further meetings organized by

Voter-owned elections for Chapel Hill

The Town of Chapel Hill is proposing a system to provide public financing to candidates that can demonstrate a base level of community support. This can be a great way to help candidates focus more on talking to voters and less time on raising money.

The Council discussed this at their meeting tonight. Did anyone else watch this? If so, can you explain Kevin Wolff's comments, because I didn't find him especially coherent. He kept calling himself "viable" and claimed that incumbents running for re-election was hypocritical.

Chapel Hill is the first municipality in North Carolina to receive legislative authorization to provide a locally funded public campaign financing program. Session Law 2007-222 provides the following key requirements.



With husband and wife pair Kevin and Mary Wolff running as Republican and Democrat for the same At-Large County Commissioner seat, the message is clear. Elect him, err, her, err... The bizarreness of the whole situation still hasn't rubbed off yet.

Kevin vs. Kevin

Today's eagle-eye award goes to Tom Jensen who notes that a Kevin A. Wolff has filed to run for Mayor of Chapel Hill! Anyone heard of this guy? I can't even find his voter file.



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