Moses Carey

Moses Carey appointed to perdue's cabinet as Sec'y of Admin.

After a year heading up the Employment Security Commission, former Orange County Commission chair Mosey Carey was appointed this week as Secretary of Administration in Governor Perdue's cabinet

Prior to his appointment to the ESC, Moses Carey worked for NCCU Department of Health Education under contract for the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund. He worked in local and state departments of health in Florida and served as executive director of Piedmont Health Services, Inc. in North Carolina for 18 years. Carey is a native of Tampa and currently lives in Chapel Hill. He earned his B.S. in Health and Physical Education at Fort Valley State College and a Masters in Public Health Administration at the University of North Carolina’s School of Public Health. He holds a law degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law.

Previewing 2010: Eyes on County Commissioners and N.C. Senate

Kirk Ross had a good preview of the coming electoral season in The Carrboro Citizen last week.  He highlighted the battle for Ellie Kinnaird's N.C. Senate seat as she will really be retiring this year (we think.)  I'm amused that after his bold declaration that he'd be back after losing to Kinnaird in the 2008 primary, Moses Carey is now quietly enjoying his N.C. state goverment appointment instead of gearing up for a campaign.

Kirk also introduced the emerging races for County Comissioner...

Moses Carey to head Employment Security Commission

The News and Observer reports that Moses Carey has been named chairman of the Employment Security Commission. This position heads the state agency responsible for Unemployment Insurance and many job training programs.

Carey in 2010

Did anyone else see the Moses Carey ad in Sunday's Chapel Hill News? (Pictured below.) It says "Please consider supporting me again in 2010."

Yes, he did just say that. By announcing his intent to run in 2 years, I assume that Moses hopes to scare off any other potential challengers. This will certainly put a crimp in Ellie's plans to recruit a woman to run for the seat. Even though Moses only got about a third of the vote this time, I think he would still be a strong candidate against a potential non-incumbent opponent.

Do I detect a Clinton-esque determination? 

Ellie & Moses debate tonight

As far as I know, tonight's Chamber of Commerce/EmPOWERment/League of Women Voters event at Chapel Hill Town Hall is the only chance to see Senator Ellie Kinnaird and her challenger Commissioner Moses Carey in a direct dialog before their primary contest. I'd like to tell you more about the event, but only the LWV web site even lists it on their calendar, and they offer less info than the Chamber's press release (which is posted here).

Apparently it will also be broadcast on WCHL 1360 AM (live?) so if you can't make it tune in there and watch this space for updates from yours truly, who is bringing her laptop.

(PS: This and other items from our calendar are now listed under Upcoming events at the bottom of every page on OP.)

Corrected at 5:05pm 4/9/08.



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