What You're Saying on the Street

Hello! You all may be aware that I host The West End Report (Wednesday edition; 6pm) on WCOM 103.5 LP FM -- Carrboro's all-volunteer, Community Radio station.

But did you also know that I now report for WCHL 1360 News-Talk Radio?

My wonderful News Director just gave me the popular segment, 'What You're Saying on the Street" to revamp in my own personal style.

WYSOS will feature opinions of Chapel Hill-Carrboro residents on hot-topic issues in our community. Recently, I produced the segment to find out your thoughts on Carrboro passing the same-sex marriage resolution and if Chapel Hill should follow suit. 

I would like to know what topics you think we should be asking on the street. What issues matter most to you in our community?  What locations do you think are best for me to go to get people's opinions? What topics are important to you but are not being addressed in other media outlets?

WXYC News Election Eve Eve Special

Via e-mail:

WXYC News Election Eve Eve Special, Sunday  November 2d, 5 PM

This Sunday, November 2d, at 5 PM, political reporter and analyst  Chris Brook will be joining me for a special Election Eve Eve edition  of WXYC News. We'll have the (almost) final word on developments in  the Presidential race, and Chris's overview of the battleground  states, including our own home state, North Carolina. We'll also be  talking about the NC Senate and Gubernatorial races, and we'll wind  up the hour with a review of what to look for on Election Night and  Chris's final predictions of election results. We hope you'll tune in.

Rick Igou


Sunday, November 2, 2008 - 12:00pm

WUNC's General Manager to leave the station

Don't go to your local NPR station for this scoop: the N & O reports that Joan Siefert Rose, the general manager of WUNC, will leave the station in August to become the director of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development, a business-oriented nonprofit in RTP. Siefert Rose came to WUNC in 2001 riding the crest of their transformation from something like a quaint, bookish music-lover to a journalist interested in business, health, and science.


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