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When I was interviewed by WCHL reporter Elizabeth Friend for this story, she told me about the new site Chapel Hill Watch started by journalists Don Evans and Nancy Oates. They've posted 17 stories so far, and gotten a smattering of comments. Their "Blogroll" only contains one local site: The Carrboro Citizen. In fact based on their comments to WCHL, I'm not sure that a blog is what they want to be. It sounds more like an online news site. Then again, the writing is quite opinionated, and they're getting corrected by commenters - pretty bloggy!  Maybe the labels don't matter so much anymore.

In any case, I've always said "the more merrier" when it comes to local blogging, and it applies to local journalism, too!  Whichever one they plan to be (or some hybrid), I welcome Don and Nancy's voices to the fray.

WCHL Wants To Hear From You!

News Talk 1360 WCHL will broadcast a public candidate forum featuring Chapel Hill’s mayoral and council candidates on Thursday, October 15th, live from the Chapel Hill Town Council Chambers.

This forum is for you, our listeners, and so we would like for you to email us the questions you’d like to have our future elected officials answer.

E-mail your questions to info@1360wchl.com. Please include your name and address or a brief, general description of yourself. If picked, we’ll credit your question by the description you give. OR you can remain anonymous (ex: 40 yo, single mom, university employee, etc)

Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 15th as WCHL’s Chapel Hill Candidate Forum airs live on-air and online at 1360WCHL.com at 7 p.m. 

In the meantime, read about WCHL's story on local blogs that features Ruby & OP. Happy Birthday!


Local Bloggers Tackle OC Politics

WCHL Candidate Forum


WCHL 1360 AM

Open Thread for WCHL Forum

Today is WCHL's annual on-air all day forum (1360 AM). The "Town Gown" discussion is already underway. Are you listening? What do you think?

What You're Saying on the Street

Hello! You all may be aware that I host The West End Report (Wednesday edition; 6pm) on WCOM 103.5 LP FM -- Carrboro's all-volunteer, Community Radio station.

But did you also know that I now report for WCHL 1360 News-Talk Radio?

My wonderful News Director just gave me the popular segment, 'What You're Saying on the Street" to revamp in my own personal style.

WYSOS will feature opinions of Chapel Hill-Carrboro residents on hot-topic issues in our community. Recently, I produced the segment to find out your thoughts on Carrboro passing the same-sex marriage resolution and if Chapel Hill should follow suit. 

I would like to know what topics you think we should be asking on the street. What issues matter most to you in our community?  What locations do you think are best for me to go to get people's opinions? What topics are important to you but are not being addressed in other media outlets?



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