CVS submits plans for large store in Old Carrboro

As reported in our local newspapers (see here & here), CVS has submitted plans to the town of Carrboro to build a large CVS and parking lot on the corner of N. Greensboro St. &  Weaver St.  This development would demolish at least 2 historic buildings, cut down many trees, create more traffic problems and the parking lot would be placed on a residential street.

See my previous two posts to get more details on the history of the project so far.

There are some new pieces of information that are relevant to the development:

  1. On Thursday May 5th there will be a concept planning discussion about the CVS project with all of the advisory boards of the town at 7:30 at Carrboro Town Hall. This meeting is open to the public.  Please come if you are interested in this development.
  2. The Traffic Study done by a CVS contractor has also been submitted to the town.  The traffic study was during construction on Weaver St.  I am not a traffic engineer, but this seems problematic for the study.  Also, many side streets that drivers use to avoid downtown construction traffic were not considered in the study.
  3. In its plans submitted to the town, CVS is asking the town to remove the Downtown Neighborhood Protection(DNP) designation for all the properties it would build on.  CVS is also requesting to rezone 3 properties on Center St.  Without this rezoning CVS will not be able to build much of their parking lot. The alderman have the right to not approve the rezoning of the properties on this residential street.  Please let the Carrboro alderman know if you are opposed to the rezoning of these properties.
  4. CVS has a lease in its current location (next to Harris Teeter) for several years.  The current CVS building is owned by Carr Mill Mall and CVS has the right pursue expansion at that location.  It seems there is no compelling reason that CVS has to move from its current location.
  5. I have put together a presentation to show what our neighborhood looks like now and put some of the changes that will occurr in downtown Carrboro as a result of the proposed CVS development into context.  Click here to see the presentation. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to the community meeting that we held in April to discuss this development.  I think there are a lot of great ideas and interest in developing that corner in a smart way that will perserve that character of downtown Carrboro and protects the adjacent residential neighborhood.

Please join our google group to keep updated on our development, visit our Facebook page and blog as well.


It seems to me that any anger or frustration shouldn't be directed at CVS. Save it for the Weaver Street Board who made the decision to sell. CVS is doing what it does. The Weave are the ones who sold out.

Great presentation Jeff - thanks for getting the info out so quickly.


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