Community House Resident Responds to Wolff Flyer

Earlier this week, perennial Chapel Hill mayoral candidate Kevin Wolff disseminated a campaign flyer in the Homestead Park neighborhood telling parents that they should be very concerned about the men's transitional facility locating on Homestead Road, suggesting that when the shelter is located there "a child will be assaulted, molested, kidnapped, and/or killed in that park. It's not a matter of if this will happen... it is a matter of when." The full flyer can be read here.

Community House resident Tommy Owens responded to Wolff's flyer with the following letter and early voting information, which he distributed to his follow residents and through the UNC student group Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication (HOPE):

My Fellow Residents:

Here’s a perfect example of what some people think about you and I.

A killer… child molester ... and kidnapper.

Do not allow a vote to determine who we are or where welive. We are free moral agents. Free to vote. Free not to allow a judgmental politician to tell us who we are. He comments he will not rest until he finds a better place for us to live.

So vote for your Freedom to be free – or vote to find us an island.

May he never rest.

“Homeless the Clown.”




So great to finally have a homeless voice in the conversation about homelessness! I love his letter and appreciate the response. I hope someone told him that Wolff is a joke candidate at best who has earned the disdain of nearly all thinking Chapel Hillians.

I noticed today on the way out of Town on MLK Jr. Blvd. that Wolff had what seemed to me to be an unusual number of signs around the Homestead Rd. intersection.  He even was using the signs with his picture on them which I hadn't seen at other places.  My assumption is that sending this letter is his last ditch effort to garner a few more votes so that his campaign doesn't come off looking as totally inept as I think most folks are anticipating.  No matter what his reason is for sending such a letter, the content and tone are totally indefensible.

Not just with this, but back in 2009, here is a reposting of an advocate interview with Kleinschmidt:

Since you have been personally and professionally out of the closet for a long time, did you expect your orientation to be an issue in this race, since C.H. has a progressive rep?I didn’t. And then I had some opponents that were unexpected, including a couple of Republicans, and it did give me pause. I wondered when they joined the race whether or not it was going to be an issue. And it did come up toward the end in a way that didn’t help my opponents at all.During the early voting [two weeks before the election], one of the candidates [Kevin Wolff] announced that he was withdrawing from the race; nonetheless he maintained a presence at the polling sites and did some amount of campaigning. And one of the things he did was that he had signs at our early-voting places with literature tacked on for voters to educate themselves. And he had a typical campaign piece where he compared himself to his opponents … and there was a checklist – “Who’s going to lower your taxes … I would, he [Kleinschmidt] wouldn’t,” typical things like that. But then there were these other points … “Family,” as in does he have a family – “I have a family,” but Kleinschmidt doesn’t have a family. The last one was “Gay Rights Activist” and he proudly has “N” for no, he’s not one, and neither were any of the other candidates, but then “Yes. Mark Is a Gay Rights Activist.” I was shocked.The greatest impact it had was it showed voters how out of touch he was with the community; he had just moved to town four years ago, and he apparently has not been around long enough to know the town he has moved to.Speaking of family, yours was there for you in a really big way – your mom was highly visible, and your sister was treasurer of your campaign. How much did that mean to you in the context of running a race like this?

Luckily Wolff's been so absent from the campaign trail that I think even Sookram has a better shot of winning than Wolff and we wont have to worry about him becoming the mayor.  But you can never be too careful, especially after how close the last election was, so I personally think everyone should do their best to get out to vote for whoever they think is the most qualified candidate for the job and not leave it to chance.

Not deperately, but Mark needs enough votes. He's done a great job as mayor and deserves your vote for re-election.

I think citizens should demand that Kevin Wolff explain why he is a candidate. He (thankfully) has no chance of being elected to any office in Chapel Hill. Yet, every season he runs.

His first campaign was againist Kevin Foy. I was present at what Wolff claimed was his first community forum. It was outdoors at Eastwood Lake. He explained that he was new to Chapel Hill and thought he could meet a lot of people by running for mayor. At that time I just assumed he was a narcissistic guy who sought attention. However, he has run in every election since that time, causing many people to question his motivation. He does not intend to win so why does he waste our time with his dumb candidacy? A recent article in the N&O stated that he had raised twenty dollars in donations for his campaign. Does he fund his campaign with his own money? Let's ask him to explain his motivation or to stop using the electoral process to get attention.

Wolff's flyer is despicable. Those of us here in the 60's saw these kind of fliers at election time, just substitute the word homeless for black. Have them near your child or wife and .............Will his flyer even work in Parkside or Larkspur? I hope not. Parents, your children are more likely to be assualted by someone in your home or family than by a homeless person.I suppose I'm preaching to the Choir here, but there's an article about this in both the Herald-Sun and N & O today and I think the area needs to hear from more than just Mayor Mark.

to see if Wolfe gets any kind of significant numbers from the precincts serving those neighborhoods.  I would hope that the residents who live there and oppose the shelter would still see that voting for Wolfe will not send any kind of message that they might want to be associated with.  As both a candidate and a person he has truly sunk to new lows.

For those readers showing concern, an update: Vineyard Square received the Mayoral candidate's [Kevin Wolff] flyer today. 

There were two mayoral forums today -- Carol Woods and WCHL.  Once again they were conversations between me and Mr. Sookram.  Mr. Wolff has appeared for a total of 10 minutes at one forum during the entire election season.Follow me on Twitter @MayorMarkK or on Facebook or


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