Chapel Hill's Dwight Bassett makes the case for economic development

Yesterday at noon, Chapel Hill's Economic Development Officer Dwight Bassett provided a brief, one-hour presentation outlining some key facts and developments concerning retail, housing, and office space in Chapel Hill. The full presentation can be viewed here.

I attended and live-tweeted the meeting. You can see the play-by-play below.



This guy's pretty darn out of touch, IMHO.  Sounds like all he cares about is university and big business expansion.  I know of *lots* of non-retail small businesses that would like to expand here, but there is absolutely *no* space for them do to so.  Retail rents are sky-high, and that just has to do with greedy landlords that can get what the ridiculous prices they're asking.  If we've got 220,000 sq ft of open office/retail space, why do we need to build more?  How about some flex/light industrial for once??  I think the real answer is Chapel Hill/Carrboro government and residents (in general) are just plain hostile to businesses other than restaurants and bars, and they need to fess up and admit it.


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