In support of Valerie

I wrote yesterday in support of the idea of Sally Green replacing Ellie Kinnaird. Today I see that Valerie Foushee has actually thrown her hat in the ring and I think she would make a magnificent replacement for Senator Kinnaird. Valerie has the county-wide experience needed and the respect of all the constituencies she has already served in so many ways. Having said that, I think I better focus on my own race. 

Today I ordered my first campaign "visual aids." (I guess the teacher in me will come out one way or another.) I would say what it is, but I don't want to give any ideas to my opponents. I am very excited and hope the green and red colors we chose will look as bright and beautiful as they do on the computer. My 17-year-old daughter, Sofia, said it looked "pretty cool." I know I am not a particularly "cool" mom, but maybe my "cool" factor is high enough for Town Council?



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