March 2020

Local Orange County March 3 2020 election results

Here are the unofficial results from the March primary. I just returned from El Salvador the night before and worked the Democratic Table at Kings Mill precinct. Lots of folks seemed glad they waited until election day to vote. I don't think the " save our orange county schools" campaign was not fair but it seemed to have worked against the incumbent commissioners. Looks like locally older white men (like me) didn't do so well. Younger ones like Hathaway won. On the national level.... Back in El Salvador they are talking about their mayor and national assembly elections in 2021. Many commented to me that their new president is more crazy than Trump. He sent the armed military into their Legislative building to encourage representative to vote for a security (military) bill.


Is anyone interested still in reading or posting on Orange Politics? My substitute jobs have been all cancelled. I think there is a special law that prevents me from collecting unemployment insurance. (Not that I would apply for it since I don't need it.). I have been up in Ohio attending to family business. The big news was the Ohio primary was postponed even though a judge denied the governor request to postpone but the state health official ordered the primary stopped. While driving I saw just a few Trump signs (but none for Biden nor Sanders). Lots of signs for local offices and bond issues which have entered uncertain times. The Civil War monuments are still visible as are a couple confed flags in folks yards. All beauty salons and barbershops are closed and the Big 3 autoplants have closed.

Shelter in Place

I see Orange County plans a Shelter in Place statement starting Friday 6PM. Anyone have the details? Our neighborhood (Kings Mill Morgan Creek) has created a daily Zoom noon on line get together. Anyone else?


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