November 2021

Carrboro:  New Park or Double Cemetery?

The Town owns all 9 acres at Fidelity & Davie behind the Farmer's Market:  cemetery, meadow, woods.  Public Works has been planning to devour that meadow by packing 1762 more graves into it.  No public notifications have been given.  Fortunately the current Carrboro Connects comprehensive planning project welcomes input on formulating *theoretical* aspirations, such as *equity* in walkable green space.  (All 3 big green Carrboro parks are north of Main Street.) 

Tuesday's Town Council hearing on Carrboro Connect's 2nd draft of their 20 year plan provide an opening for green space advocates:  We ought to finally get a real park on our multifamily side of town!  We're not subhuman because we're in grad school or are divorced or retired.  This is a complicated subject.  I apologize in advance for not attempting to explaining it with a blog discussion.  For more information please dig into my website (below), which proposes some cemetery solutions for our remaining long term local families.  It has my land line number on it. 

Candidates state and federal officices 22

So I am receiving  lots of announcements from candidates for local house and senate seats and for US Congress. David and Verla said they were not running for reelection. Anyone else not running? Who else is running? And of course, Happy Thanksgiving.


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