Another aspect of equity: Our town and county Advisory Boards

This article was posted on-line in the Herald-Sun on Saturday July 29, 2017.

More than 630 residents serve on our towns’ and county’s 71 advisory boards. Advisory board volunteers give their time and knowledge and provide an important service by helping our elected officials and staff make decisions that influence the vibrancy of our community.

According to the Town of Carrboro website, “These volunteers perform a vital role in our community by contributing their time, expertise and talent.... They serve willingly and without compensation. They interpret town codes, they counsel and advise elected officials and they listen to citizen appeals.”

Orange County’s advisory boards “assist the staff of Orange County in achieving a greater understanding of the nature and causes of community issues” and “promote public awareness of contemporary issues Orange County must address to achieve the Orange County Board of Commissioners’ goals and priorities.”

final listing candidates

Here is the link to the final listing of candidtates for local elections. Enjoy.


Amy Fowler Announces Candidacy for School Board

Dr. Amy Fowler has announced her candidacy for Chapel Hill Carrboro City School Board.


After running for office and being on the ballot the last 4 years i have decided not to run for office this year. I will state my reasons 1 possible reasons for not running occured during the past campaigns which may or may not be valid  GARY KAHN  after 4 years on the ballot never heard of him . I have called these people as a result POLITICAL MORONS who don t give a crap about our town county or country. 2 hasn t lived in CHAPEL HILL FOR 25  years, hes  a NEW YORKER, HES JEWISH, HE A NEW YORKER AND JEWISH, HE S NEVER BEEN MARRAID, HAS NO FAMILY EXCEPT A BROTHER WHO IS A COLLEGE PROFESSOR IN NEW JERSEY.​



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