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Time to Support OP

Hey all you OP posters,

Unless Ruby hasn't updated the chart, the contributions for helping her support this site have dried up more than our water supplies did last year.  With what might be a very interesting election season coming up and with some critical issues facing the towns and county (growth, density, taxes, transfer station siting) I expect that this site will become very busy and a popular spot for some very interesting (heated?) discussions.  For all those who enjoy posting here (and even the lurkers), if you value this site you should realize that it is unfair to expect Ruby to bear the financial burden of keeping it going.  If you haven't yet contributed (there is usually a link at the bottom of the pages) please consider doing so today.  I'm sure Ruby will appreciate it and we can all continue to enjoy the site knowing that we pitched in to help.  Thanks.

Where Are The High Tech Solutions?

I know that this is a "political" board but it seems like we have a lot of very "tech-savvy" people that post here.  Is anyone else concerned that a contractor's mistake today, resulting in a cut in a fiber-optics network in Chapel Hill, resulted in a loss of communication amongst courthouses and county offices in all 100 NC counties?

Cut fiber line knocks out state courts' communications

I find this kind of disconcerting myself.  It seems like the design of these systems has made us far, far too vulnerable.  I think this is a political issue because it raises concerns for public health and welfare , at least IMHO.

N&O cutting pay, eliminating 78 jobs

The News & Observer in Raleigh is cutting salaries of all employees earning $25,000 or more per year and also eliminating 78 jobs in the latest series of cost-cutting measures.


While this was not unexpected it is nevertheless disappointing news.  It is especially sad to think not only of the 78 employees who will lose their jobs but also of all the remaining employees who are taking significant cuts in pay and forced furloughs.  Boy, McClatchy has certainly made a mess of things with their desire to be bigger (and better?).


Please share this information
Public Input/Information Session
3:00 - 7:00 pm, Wednesday, March 4  * Extraordinary Ventures, 110 Elliott Road, Chapel Hill *
A Public Input/Information Session on Carolina North will be held at Extraordinary Ventures, 110 Elliott Road.   Please note that in response to feedback from the public, the times have been modified and the session is now scheduled from 3 pm – 7 pm.
Carolina North is expected to be contained within about 250 acres of the Horace Williams Tract’s 1,000 acres and be built in phases over the next 50 years, as proposed. The property lies just to the north of Estes Drive adjacent to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.   The Town and the University are now engaged in the preparation of a new zoning district and a Development Agreement for the initial phase of Carolina North, expected to be 133 acres to be developed over approximately 20 years.  

Tonight - Carolina North Public Input/Information Session

There is another Carolina North Public Input/Information Session tonight, February 19, 2009, at 7PM in the Town Council chamber.  There is already a draft of new language for the Land Use Management Ordinance (LUMO) to cover development on the Carolina North property as well as a draft of a development agreement which would be the basis for the Town of Chapel Hill's oversight of this massive project. Both of these drafts as well as a great deal of other information can be obtained at



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