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Sierra Club endorsements!

The Sierra Club announced its endorsed candidates in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Hillsborough today.

In Chapel Hill the Sierra Club endorses Kevin Foy for Mayor, and Mark Kleinschmidt, Laurin Easthom, and Will Raymond for Town Council.

In Carrboro, the Sierra Club endorses Mark Chilton for Mayor, and Jacquie Gist and Randee Haven-O'Donnell for Board of Aldermen.

In Hillsborough, the Sierra Club endorses Tom Stevens for Mayor, and Mike Gering and Frances Dancy for Town Board.

Having been a part of this process I am thrilled with all of these selections. I think the club definitely made the right choices. Just as a disclaimer, I recused myself from voting on Chapel Hill endorsements because of my positions in several of the candidates' campaigns.

Thorpe's Dean Dome vote

Here's a statement from Bill Thorpe clarifying his leadership in protecting neighborhoods on Town Council during the 1980's:

I am writing to clarify my role in Council votes over the Smith Center Special Use Permit. I believe that by providing voters with this background, they will understand that I have long been a strong advocate for the people and neighborhoods of Chapel Hill.

Here are the facts: In July 1980, I voted to approve the university's application for a special permit to construct the Dean Dome, having cast two prior opposing votes because of my concerns about the impact the development would have on the surrounding neighborhoods. These two 'no' votes were based on the legitimate objections raised by nearby residents about noise and traffic problems. I voted 'no' until the council secured noise buffers and more traffic controls. After securing those concessions, I voted yes - the vote alluded to by Mr. Davis.

Chapel Hill Sierra Club Forum Tonight!

The Chapel Hill Sierra Club candidates forum is tonight at 7 PM in the Town Council chambers. It will also be televised live on the People's Channel, but you should come out and see the candidates in person!

As with the Carrboro forum, there will be questions from the audience. If you have one but can't be there post it here and I will submit it for you. I will also try to live blog it as I did for the Carrboro forum.

We hope to see you out tonight for what promises to be a spirited and informative debate about some of the biggest issues facing Chapel Hill in the coming years!



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