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As published in the Chapel Hill Herald on December 16th, 2006:

You probably know Sally Greene, Mark Kleinschmidt and Laurin Easthom well as members of the Chapel Hill Town Council. You may not, though, know about another pastime that the three of them also share. They are among the ever-growing cadre of local bloggers.

Greene is one of the most intellectually well-rounded people I have ever met, and it comes through in her blog postings. She practices law, lectures and teaches about racial issues in the South and has edited an essay collection about the writings of Virginia Woolf. Her postings in the nearly two and a half years since she started her blog, titled GreeneSpace, have touched on all of those topics as well as her more public role as a member of the council.

Some of her more recent postings have included a preview of a panel that she will be moderating next month in relation to desegregation in Chapel Hill, a discussion of Barbies and advice on affordable Christmas gifts.

Of course she has also delved into the scale of buildings downtown and other more political stuff.

Donald Duck for Soil and Water?

I've been very impressed with the work done by the Orange County Board of Elections since its new director, Barry Garner, took over.

While I was managing Adam's campaign, they were always extremely fast in responding to information requests. Now they've taken what I believe to be the unprecedented step of tabulating and posting the write in totals for the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor race, the full list of which you can see here.

Since no one really knows what the supervisors do and the races are nonpartisan, there are a lot of write in votes.

Some of the highlights:

Daffy Duck got a vote, but was far outpassed by Donald Duck who received four.

Jerry Garcia may have died over ten years ago, but at least a couple Deadheads think he would do a good job stewarding our natural resources.

Carolina North Community Meetings Wednesday

Via UNC Director of Local Relations Linda Convissor-

This Wednesday, December 13th, there will be two public sessions for review of the draft ecological assessment recently completed as part of the discovery phase of our planning process for Carolina North.

Chancellor Moeser has said that Carolina North will be a model of sustainability. As one of the first steps to that goal, Biohabitats, Inc. has produced an ecological assessment to inform our planning. Your input can help us shape effective plans for sustainable development at Carolina North.

To accommodate different schedules, we will hold two sessions. The information reviewed at both will be the same so attend whichever is most convenient for you. Both sessions will be on Wednesday, December 13th in room 2603 of the School of Government:

3:00 – 5:00 PM. Parking available in either the Hwy 54 Visitor Lot or in the Rams Head deck.

6:00 – 8:00 PM. Parking available in the School of Government parking deck.

Edwards campaign in Southern Village?

It was tucked deep in an Under the Dome item about Edwards hiring former Michigan Congressman David Bonior to be the manager of his Presidential campaign, but apparently it will be run out of Southern Village.

Chapel Hill's really hitting the political big time I guess! And Edwards' presence is already bringing celebrities to town, as Hardball will be hosted live from Memorial Hall next Tuesday.

Setting up shop in Chapel Hill and realizing the importance of hiring political help from Michigan in the same day make Edwards look pretty smart to me anyway :)

UNC honored by national Sierra Club

The national Sierra Club honored UNC for its innovative stormwater techniques in a publication released today.

Selected excerpts from a press release issued by Bernadette Pelissier of the Orange/Chatham Group of the Sierra Club:



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