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Big Bucks in the Superior Court Race

The most closely watched race locally this fall is bound to be the four way race for two Superior Court seats covering Orange and Chatham Counties.

The candidates are incumbents Carl Fox and Allen Baddour, and challengers Adam Stein, a distinguished civil rights attorney and Chuck Anderson, a current District Court judge. In the May primary, Fox emerged as a clear winner. Stein is the favorite for the second seat, but Anderson and Baddour did not run too far behind him in the May primary.

The recent release of second quarter campaign finance reports indicates a lot of money is being spent in this race.

Stein's the leader. He's already raised over 82k and spent 57k, leaving him with a little over $25,000 in the bank.

Faison's Future?

What do you all think Faison's future will be? Had you noticed that he wasn't attracting as much attention this time around?

As published in the Chapel Hill Herald on July 22nd-

As this year's state legislative session winds down, one of the most interesting trends for the Orange County delegation is the silence of Bill Faison, representative from N.C. House District 50 that includes part of Orange as well as all of Caswell County.

During his inaugural session last year, he made all sorts of noise. He attracted attention statewide as one of only two Democrats to vote against the state budget, while gaining notice locally for his effort to force a referendum on district representation for the Orange County Commissioners through the N.C. General Assembly. This drew him the enmity of many other local elected officials, who thought his efforts were an attempt to wrest power away from them.

This year has been a completely different story.

Amazingly, his name has not even appeared in the pages of this newspaper since early March.

Who are you voting for?

The primary is coming up on Tuesday, May 2nd. You can still vote early tomorrow, and the polls will be open from 6:30 AM-7:30 PM on election day.

There are races for County Commissioner, Congress, Superior Court, and State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. See the OP Election Guide for a full list, with links to local candidates and other information.

Who are you endorsing and why? Please write only about who you are endorsing- any negative comments will be deleted.

Happy voting!

Indy Endorsements!

The very influential Independent Weekly announced its endorsements today for the primary election, which will be on May 2nd.

In the Orange County BOCC election, it couldn't pick. Thus it encourages you to vote for three out of the quartet of Fred Battle, Mike Nelson, Barry Jacobs, and Alice Gordon.

In the Superior Court race it endorses Carl Fox and Adam Stein.

For Congress it endorses David Price.

In the statewide Judicial races it endorses Robin Hudson for Supreme Court, and Bob Hunter and Linda Stephens for their respective Court of Appeals seats.

Pretty much on the mark in my opinion...

First County Commissioner candidates forum Wednesday!

The Sierra Club is kicking off this spring's County Commissioner forum season on Wednesday night from 7-8:30 at Carrboro Town Hall. You can also tune in and watch it on channel 18. We'll try to get it reshown throughout the campaign on the People's Channel as well.

Each candidate will have a two minute introduction and conclusion and there will be about 20 minutes for audience questions (in addition to 40 minutes of prewritten questions submitted by Executive and Political Committee members.) If you'd like to submit one you can do it right here and I'll put it in the stack (they should be strictly focused on environmental issues.)

The forum along with candidate interviews and their prior record on environmental issues will be used to evaluate the candidates for the Sierra Club endorsement, which will be announced in early April.

Hope to see a lot of you out there on Wednesday night!



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