Upcoming evaluation of the school superintendent

This week's CHCCS board meeting (tomorrow, Oct 1) is the last meeting prior to the Superintendent's Evaluation meeting scheduled two weeks later.


What discussion points would you suggest the school board members keep in mind when evaluating the superintendent's performance?


Here is the Superintendent's Blog reporting on one year gains in reading and math. Remarkable numbers. Must ask how this was achieved and how the process can be repeated to 100%


Sample discussion topics to be used in his evaluation

1. Has the appropriation of local and state funds been fair and equal, for example, why is there not at least a half time SRO at Phoenix Academy even though the state provides funding for this position?


2. Why is there not an African American in any of the three top superintendent's positions? There was a promise when Gerry House left that at least one of the three positions would be filled by an African American; preferably either the Superintendent or the Asst. Superintendent for Academics?


3. Why does there seem to be no one properly identifying students of color, in particular, African American and Latino students for AG? LEAP? Nurturing?


4. Why is there a high number of African American students placed in suspension (in-school and long term) and no one becomes concerned that there seems to be a pattern with their placement by the teachers?


5. Why is there a high number of African American students with IEP's classified as "behavioral"? Could this be in line with the number of students placed on suspension? Is there a pattern here that is not being recognized?


6. How structured and detailed will assessing teacher accountability be? Will the program have "teeth"?


7. With the Superintendent and Board's commitment to AVID having been violated (by knowingly cutting funding for Reading Specialists the classroom support was undercut and removed). Why are there more kids and fewer teachers and no school coordinator at each school?


8. The school SITs, when they are functioning, are a channel to the Superintendent and Board SIT reps regarding the needs of the school. How is the Supt. addressing school needs and concerns?


9. With new and more rigorous state curriculum mandates, where is the documentation showing how the professional development teams are assisting teachers who are relatively new?

10. How has the Superintendent improved School & community relations with all demographic sectors of the Town?


11. Why haven't greater efforts been made to ensure that the budgetary process and the shifting of monies are more transparent?



Such good tough questions -- will our existing board be willing to ask similar ones? 

Thanks for cutting through some of crap - I think I understand almost all of the questions! ;-)  And I'm also glad to see persistent and detailed criticism around the district's on-going race problems.On an unrelated note: why did you categorize this post as 2010? The CHCSS School Board election is this year.

Small relationship to Dr. Pedersen being evaluated going into the 2010 school year.
~ kvn    chcPACT!Motivated by doing what is right for children!

Not to be pedantic, but the years are all under the Election category, so they are used to pertain to the campaigns in those years. For example, 2010 currently has posts about County and State elections coming up then, 2005 has posts from the municipal and school board races that year. If you don't mind, I'm going to do a little spring cleaning on your categories (which is something I often do, to make the archives more useful for everyone). Let me know if you object.

Glad you did it. Thanks!  
~ kvn
Do what is right for children!

It has never been clear to me how the district determines which programs to support and which to cut. So I'd also ask where the evaluation data is to justify budget cuts/increases on any special program like AVID or some of their technology projects. 

I've been meaning to ask -- does anyone here have any advice on how to get data from the school system?  This is a common complaint, but all data they have (anonymized, if I can create a new word) is public record, right?  Every group I talk to lately describes struggles with getting data to understand what is going on in the classroom. 

The state posts certain data for individual schools and school districts at http://www.ncreportcards.org/src/If you want more granular data at the school level you have to go through the district office. Good luck with that.

Here is a link to data that the School Board reviews before evaluating the Superintendent.  It includes results for each school as well as for the whole district. http://www2.chccs.k12.nc.us/education/components/docmgr/default.php?sect...  Here is the Superintendent's report to the School Board on the district's execution of the Board's top five priorities for 2008-2009.  http://www2.chccs.k12.nc.us/education/components/docmgr/default.php?sect...  We also consider the Superintendent's performance in six areas: policy and governance, planning and assessment, instructional leadership, organizational management, communications and community relations and professionalism.  That document should be on the website shortly and I will post the link when that happens.     Mia Burroughs
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