Election 2009 Maps: Carrboro

The maps in this post show the precinct-level results of the Carrboro mayoral and alderman elections. The maps are based on unofficial numbers updated on November 6 by the Orange County Board of Elections.

A couple of interesting notes:

  • There was zero voter turnout in the small portion of the St. John precinct that lies within Carrboro. In other words, the 2 people from the Rose Walk neighborhood who voted in 2007 did not participate in the town election this time around.
  • Nearly one quarter of the voters in the Carrboro election voted early and could not be represented in the maps below. Thus, these maps are inaccurate to the extent that early voters made different choices than people who voted on Election Day. The overall results among early voters are remarkably similar to the Election Day results in both the mayoral and alderman races. However, I cannot draw any conclusions about what precinct-level differences may exist.

The first map below shows the 8 precincts in Carrboro's municipal boundary.

Carrboro Precincts


Incumbent Mark Chilton won big again this year, taking in 72% to 86% of the vote in all precincts except Hogan Farms, where he received 43% vs challenger Brian Voyce's 49%. Challenger Amanda Ashley received approximately 16% of the vote in the Lions Club precinct, but took less than 8% overall.

Carrboro Mayoral Race: AshleyCarrboro Mayoral Race: ChiltonCarrboro Mayoral Race: VoyceCarrboro Mayoral Race: Key


In the election of 3 aldermen, Jacquie Gist, Sammy Slade, and Randee Haven-O'Donnell came out comfortably ahead, all finishing within less than 1% of each other. Gist received strong support throughout the town. Newcomer Slade did particularly well in the Town Hall (31.1%) and OWASA (29.0%) precincts, finishing in the top 3 everywhere but the Hogan Farms precinct. Haven-O'Donnell did well throughout the town and finished first in the Damascus (26.8%) and North Carrboro (25.3%) precincts. As in the 2007 election, Sharon Cook had a strong first-place finish in the Hogan Farms precinct (34.5%), but elsewhere she was well behind as the fourth and fifth highest vote getter, along with fellow challenger Tim Peck.

Carrboro Alderman Race: CookCarrboro Alderman Race: GistCarrboro Alderman Race: Haven-O'DonnellCarrboro Alderman Race: Key
Carrboro Alderman Race: PeckCarrboro Alderman Race: Slade



These maps are so great. On election night, I speculated that Sharon was unable to connect with the rest of Carrboro (ie: the parts that weren't recently annexed) and looking at the precincts now, that seems to be true. Even more so for her neighbor Brian Voyce.  It looks like Sammy Slade did best in the more (relatively) urban parts of Carrboro, which also isn't a surprise.Neither Cook nor Voyce attended the one Carrboro forum I made it to, so I had a feeling they weren't talking to the whole town.  Both are repeat candidates, I wonder if either of them will run again next time?Anyone else glean some insights from these maps?


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