Night two of Chapel Hill Town Council meeting: Charterwood votes fails at 1st reading (will be back); solid waste moves forward.


Erin, I didn't catch whether the town consultant's recommendation was to go along with the Durham transfer station as the Councy is planning to do, or to pursue our own local transfer station as was discussed last fall, or something else. Can you or someone else clarify?

The plan is to take our trash to Durham, but the actual transfer station (there are a couple of options) will be awarded in at the end of a bid process in August. The recommended plan is for some routes (those that will be a cheaper to take to Durham instead of Chapel Hill) will start going to the selected transfer station in October, so the Town can work out any kinks in the system before all the routes are moved.

The proposed plan was to start moving some routes to Durham in October but by the end of the discussion they had removed the Oct date from the resolution and asked staff to work with Orange Co to determine what impact early departure would have on county operations, especially the Rogers Road mitigation fund.


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