Downtown Design Charette


Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 10:00am to 3:00pm


Great Room at Top of the Hill Restaurant, 100 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill

I love how these things are always in the middle of the day!  As long as they're convenient for Pat Evans, I guess they're considered open to the public.  Anyway, I do hope to go after work (but will have babe in tow, so no promises).

WHERE: The Design Charette for the Downtown Development Framework and Action Plan will be held in the Great Room at Top of the Hill Restaurant, 100 E. Franklin St. (Enter from Franklin Street next to Walgreen's).

WHEN: There will be four discussion areas from 2 to 7 p.m. focusing on Urban Design, Infrastructure, Markets/Economic Development, and Catch All. There will also be presentations at 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. for those wanting to hear the concepts in whole.

WHO CAN GO: You. The charette, or community planning discussion, is open to property owners, business owners, residents and everyone interested in downtown's future. 


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What does everyone think about trying to convince Roger Perry to incorporate some serious urban agriculture in the Obey Creek development?The concept is an extension and an evolution of new urbanist thinking.

...please click here: other words: good question but it has almost nothing to do with downtown! 

Mark,Why don't you contact Roger and ask him whether he'd be willing to consider the concept?  It'd be a lot easier than us speculating about it here on OP.  I think Roger would at least tell you whether it's something he would even begin to think about as he starts to bring his concepts for Obey Creek together.

George, Do you think it's a feasible concept?  

Mark,Roger is talking about putting his buildings up close to the highway and building fairly dense because of the topography.  His plan leaves a lot of land undeveloped but some ot it, because of topography will and should stay undeveloped.  I don't know enough about the implications of farming that land; i.e., how many trees might have to be removed; what, if anything might be done to protect watersheds, etc.  But I think if Chapel Hill really wants to consider itself environmentally progressive then this is the kind of idea that should be carefully considered before anyone simply dismisses it.  I could see such farming within a community such as Roger is proposing being a great teaching tool for the youngsters living both there and across the street in Southern Village.  I'm sure that not everyone will agree with me but I think that Roger has led the way on some innovative, progressive ideas with his developments.  He initiated the 1% transfer fee on the sales of his residences (both initial and future sales) in both East 54 and now Murray Hill.  Those fees go to support the Community Home Trust to keep affordable housing affordable.  I would hope that you might broach this idea with Roger to see whether this is something that might be doable.

Why the cheap shot directed at Mrs. Evans?  Was it her responsibility to schedule this?

What percentage of people show up at these things under the age of 40. All the questions I threw out for the WCHL Forum are also relevant.

Actually there were very few people there at all (after 5pm, when I was there). Probably 10. And under 40: that would be me, my friend Tim Ross, and CHDP associate director Meg McGurk (I think). Oh and Izzy. ;-)  Top of the Hill owner Scot Maitland was there for a bit, but I think he's a little bit older than me (I'm 39).There were some very radical and interesting ideas presented by the consultants. (But not workshopped, this was not a "charette" as I understand the word.)   I hope to find and post the PDF of the presentation later.

Patrick,At yesterday's event (I was there from 2 until about 4:40 PM) I would guess that about 10% (2-3 of 20-30) were under 40.  And if the age disparity isn't disappointing the total attendance should be, especially since there were at least 7 or more Town Planning Staff people included in those numbers.

I'd actually like to take ore time to review this and write a whole new post in it, but meanwhile you can download a PDF of the consultants' presentation from the Town of Chapel Hill Economic Development website: .  Or just click here: "Presentation of DRAFT Downtown Development Framework and Action Plan (14MB)." You will find some very big physical changes proposed to downtown CHapel Hill.


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