OP Candidate Coming Out Party


Friday, July 19, 2013 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm


TRU DELI + WINE, 114 Henderson St., Chapel Hill,

Join us for OrangePolitics' third annual Candidate Coming Out Party to meet your candidates on the final day of filing for municipal and school board races! 

These events have been very popular with current and hopeful elected officials, and this is a great way to find out who is running and ask them why. 

The official Facebook event to RSVP and share with friends is below.


ill be there tommorow

Gary, just a comment from my past experience on OP.  Before I was a candidate, I used my initials here as my username to post.  But I found a lot of people didn't click through to the profie to see who I was and just thought of my virtual presence as "jcb".  When I wanted my comments to be tied to my identity as a candidate, I changed my user name to "James Barrett", as the username is what is visible on all the comment pages and I'd prefer my brand here to be what people will vote for. See you tomorrow!-J

The party was great and I was glad I was able to make it. Thanks to Ruby and the posse for putting it together.

Recapitulating Geoff's comment with full agreement, this first candidate function for the 2013 election season was a success.  I estimated peak attendance count somewhere around 95.  I am also appreciative of TRU DELI + WINE for hosting the function and to the local media coverage.  Thanks, OP!

This was a fantastic event, everyone really enjoyed it. I want to reiterate that Hillsborough gets a gold star for 100% of their candidates attending!

hi all, just to note to others gpknc refers to me gary kahn. thanks


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