Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board Seeks Applicants to Fill Vacancy

With Mia Burroughs winning a seat on the Orange County Board of Commissioners last week, the Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board has announced its process to fill the vacancy she will leave when she officially resigns on November 30, 2014. The deadline for applications is next Wednesday, November 19.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has provided this informational packet for individuals interested in applying for the seat. Additionally, an information session will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 17, at Lincoln Center (750 S. Merritt Mill Road, Chapel Hill) for applicants to learn more about the roles and expectations of the position.

The Board will interview candidates at a special meeting on Monday, November 24, at 6pm at Lincoln Center, with a vote to be taken at its December 4 meeting. The selected appointee will be sworn in on December 18.



Candidates are:

  • Anne DiBella
  • Desiree Cho
  • Gary Winzelberg
  • Greg Dye
  • Ignacio Tzoumas
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Jennifer Marsh
  • Joanna Cleveland
  • Katherine Worley
  • Kulwadee Yung
  • Mary Ann Wolf
  • Mary Litsikas
  • Rani Dasi
  • Theresa Watson
  • David Saussy

I am supporting Jennifer Marsh because she brings experience and understanding as a long-time resident of our community (one who is engaged – having been registered to vote in Orange County since 1996 and with a strong history of voting); as a parent with a special needs child; and as a legal and educational advocate for social change to improve outcomes for all children.

Let us know if you support a particluar candidate and why.


Thanks for fixing the typos

I voted for Ignacio ,and i support him again.Gary Kahn

Katherine would be an amazing choice since she has been a teacher in the system for quite some time. Lots of good folks listed. This is going to be a hard decission for the board.



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