Forum Open Thread: Carrboro Board of Aldermen

Happy Monday evening, everyone. This is the open thread for conversation about the live Carrboro Board of Aldermen candidate forum. Post your thoughts and reactions here. You can also reach the editors during the forum via Twitter, Facebook, or the contact page.

Filling vacancies: school board, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro

Up til 1955 the CH Town Council filled vacancies on the school board, then it went to elections to fill vacancies, but the local acts were unclear how to deal with this. The general law just said refer to the local act. In 1973 there was a 2 year vacancy and the Board of Elections put it on the ballot as a separate election. The powers that be did not like this, and the school board asked the legislature to change this so the low vote-getting winner got a shorter term. The legislature did this in 1974, then did it again in in 1975.

Clearing the Air

I wanted to take the opportunity to address some of the questions raised by members of the Orange Politics community about my 35-day finance report, in particular my use of aggregated individual contributions to list my donors under $28.I didn’t expect that this decision would cause such questioning, but after further reflection I’ve decided to let folks know where my donations are from. At the bottom of this post is a link to a Google document that lists the names, occupations, and addresses of the 79 below-$28 contributions. Some of our donors, because of their position or relationship to other candidates, donated with the understanding that their information was not required to be disclosed. I’ll respect the wishes of my donors and will only be releasing zip codes for a select few names. I hope this puts concerns about my finance report to rest.I would add that as a young candidate I haven’t had the same time to build relationships with Chapel Hill donors that other candidates have, and I have fortunately received support from people outside of our town as well.

Doing it the Hard Way

Blogger Nancy Oates recently raised some questions about my fundraising. I wrote her this open letter in response.

Best use of Facebook this campaign



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