Elections Maps on the State Board website

There are lots of nice election result maps linked from here:


click on "contest detail map" for the race you are interested in, and from there you can ask for "view enlarge map", though the key does not come with the enlargement. Also note that early votes will not be reallocated back to the precinct totals and maps for aout 90 days.

For example Chapel Hill Council


(for Durham part of this, see http://results.enr.clarityelections.com/NC/Durham/33075/49932/en/summary.html

to get to

Durham's big margin for transit -- Orange to vote in 2012?

Durham's  60% to 40% margin for the 1/2 percent transit sales tax eclipsed Mecklenburg's 58-42 margin on its initial vote on the same issue in 1998. In 2012, the two allowed dates for a similar referendum are the primary (currently scheduled for May) and the November general election. Putting the issue on the ballot will involve approval by the Orange County Commissioners, the Durham-Chapel Hill Carrboro MPO, the Burlington-Alamance MPO, and the Triangle Transit Board.

What the pundits think

Here are the rough results of our Pundit of the Year contest. Please take them with a MASSIVE grain of salt.

Candidates by mail

In the past we have looked at candidate yard signs on OP, I thought it might interesting to do the same with mailings so I did some hasty scanning this week. Since I live in Chapel Hill, they are only for Town Council candidates, and it's entirely possible there were other mailings that were not sent to me. But this is what we got at my house...

Been thinking about whether there are some endorsements a candidate would rather not have, or slates you don't want to be on.



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